Groovy Girls Go…..Wine-ing

There’s an earthy-sweet smell when you run through a vineyard as the sun begins to glisten and warm the ripening fruit.   The earth underneath the runner’s feat feels more alive amongst the knarly roots growing and twisting around the wood polls.  The view of the green and purple hanging fruit is nature’s unique encouragement to keep moving forward.

This was a rolling hills of lushness half marathon where I found myself in the middle of the bunch, in a field of fast woman.

Some days it’s best to be part of a bunch.  Keeping the cluster together is helpful when the miles seem long, the breeze feels warm, and the hills look steep.

What the run will become is always a bit of a mystery when one is just lacing up.  There’s an equal chance of having any
kind  of a run, on any kind of a day.  It’s often the strength of the runner’s mind that is the muscle most called upon during a run… least, that is what I have found.

Today, even though my breathe felt labored, my legs heavy, my mind though was well trained.  There’s plenty of lonely miles on many a dark, no view road, so I wasn’t letting these waves of green loveliness go to waste.  Somehow I just perceived that as potentially wasteful, just like spilling a nice bottle of red…..simply wasn’t what I was planning.

So, I looked out, took in a sweet breathe from the ripening grapes on the vine, and put in the work to keep up with the bunch………it hurt………but I’m glad I did, there was a wine craft to be won!

Groovy Girls Go………….Clink, Swish, Cheers


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