Skirting the issue….

I was recently having an “innocent” conversation with a group of fellow female runners, and admitting my obsession with rompers/jumpers… fact one particular lululemon one piece running jumper…catchingly named “run for your money jumper” which is needless to say, in no particular order 1) crazy expensive 2) sold out 3) highly impractical.
Cute, no?

Cute, no?

So I was basically hoping someone else would either share my romantic attraction to this garment and justify me shelling out $100 on ebay to be the proud owner or  that they would somehow convince me that it wasn’t as amazing as I thought….but really the former and not so much the latter! 😉
For those of you who don’t know, I have a fairly unashamed gear freak streak. I like to have nice stuff. It has to be practical, and comfortable – I can’t deal with bunching/chafing etc. but once those boxes are firmly checked, looking good equals feeling good in my book!
So back to the conversation….unwittingly I started a discussion about  running in skirts. To be honest it had not even occurred to me that anyone would have strong opinions on the matter (although a retrospective google search of running skirt contro…. shows I have clearly been living in a bubble of unawareness!)
I often run in skirts. The only kind of shorts that I can run in without chafing (aka chub rub 😉 ) are compression shorts. At times compression shorts can leave me, and my resulting sausage legs, feeling a little exposed, so when I discovered running skirts I was pretty much immediately hooked! I have tried out my fair share of running skirts, and know what I like! They have to have built in compression shorts of the correct length and usually have to have some kind of leg gripper to make sure that they don’t ride up. The skirts have to be lightweight and not restrict your stride, generally the shorter the better as long as my butt is covered! So imagine my surprise when I learned that not everyone loved the running skirt, and some people even had pretty strong anti-skirt sentiments. Feeling that skirts were impractical and too girly or arguing that women fought hard to NOT have to wear skirts when running. So, while back peddling quickly 😉  I was interested and enlightened to hear these points of view. Have people been quietly raising an eyebrow at my skirts without me realizing?
I didn't have to look far to find a picture of me running in a skirt....

I didn’t have to look far to find a picture of me running in a skirt….so fast I am apparently a blur! 😉

Never one to shy away from a controversial blog topic – I thought I’d inquire as to your thoughts on the great running skirt debate! Do you wear them? Do you look at a runner differently if she (or he! Lol) wears a skirt? Are there other pieces of running apparel that I am unaware of the controversy over?! Please feel free to discuss and debate (respectfully of course! 😉 ) If you do run in skirts what are your must have features?

4 thoughts on “Skirting the issue….

  1. I have no issues with running skirts- wear what you like and are comfortable in! What is wrong with wearing something feminine? If wearing running skirts diminishes female runners in some way then I guess we shouldn’t wear pink either. Like you, I need a decent length short underneath and enough of a skirt to cover my tummy and bottom. I don’t wear them that often but I do like them, they are versatile. I also like to wear them over running tights in the winter for extra coverage and warmth. They way everyone is decking themselves out in costumes and boas and tiaras etc, running skirts are the last thing I notice during a race!

  2. I love running skirts, but have yet to find one that works for me running. I wear them as just play clothes. Would love to know what types are great for running.

  3. Personally, I would not wear a skirt and really don’t care for them. For me, I just don’t care what my legs or butt looks like in my compression shorts. The skirt would just be another layer of fabric to potentially make me warmer. The print of that is cute and I might consider it if it were separate pieces, but not for running. Additionally, body self-consciousness aside, I just never feel the need to look or be girly when I’m running. Really though, it’s whatever an individual runner is comfy in. I’m not comfortable in a skirt, but if you are, then go for it!

  4. Ok – I’ve got time to finally give this some thought!
    I’m not all that picky about my running skirts and honestly, I love the Champion skirts that I get on the clearance rack in Target (usually that brand runs a size big so I get to run in a size down – woot-woot!)
    I like the skirts that are a bit shorter so there isn’t so much extra material, but I find that I am confident knowing that the squeeze thigh compression underneath has a cover…..that’s just me……
    Regardless, I think they’re fun and I never had an incling that there was such discussion about them.
    Running can be tough enough all by itself so wear whatever gets you to lace up and get going – even if its lacey 😉

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