Groovy Girls Go……Once In An August Blue Moon

Something wakes me at 4:09 A.M. Yes, I did indeed say A.M.
I roll over to snuggle back into the comfort of my bed, excited to know I’ve still got hours to sleep, when the moon’s beams shine directly onto my face.  I wink open an eye and then there’s no turning back.

I’m about to get dressed for as close ~ to ~ perfect running condition as may exist.  The temperature is a just-right cool, with a light breeze, as I step out onto the porch.  I’ve geared up in a skirt with reflective stripes, a white shirt, and white knee high socks to make me visible to other early risers.  The moon beckons me and casts shadows to dance around me, giving me a shadowy running partner for early morning company, and off I go……this is one of those ‘Tulley Toes’ run because I never gave myself time to think about it, I just got up to run it.  No sleeping through this present.

The road is quiet except for the crickets rattling, chirpings of frogs, soft whistles of snoring beetles and bugs, and the soft rustling of leaves in the background.  The symphony of sounds is at its peak in these final moments before the dawn comes to shed light on their rehearsal in the dark.

The man in the moon and I go now towards the bridge that takes us over the pond near my house.  I don’t miss a step following the path of this most bright flashlight held by my new friend that had awaken me for just this……My hands swing gracefully to the rhythm of my steps.  Each step being embraced and appreciated as I bask in these private moments that are lit and seen clearly, yet only by me.

The bridge bounces and squeaks under the pressure of my unexpected steps that they must support earlier than expected.  Yet, the squeaks fade quickly too, as if even the bridge is aware of the magic of the moment.  Rabbits come along the path to greet me.  A few frogs ribbit and splash off the Lilly pads that glisten and sparkle as they swim under the light of the moon.   The reflection of the full moon off the water is as beautiful as any poetic words strung together could describe.  Everything about this Michigan morning feels right and fun.  A chance to dance by the light of the moon, uninhibited, willing to follow with few questions because the right path is brilliantly lit.

I courtesy to my run partner and allow him to lead me back home.  He’s a gentleman that takes me right up to my door.  The sky is about to change over and like any magical moment, I’ve breathed it into my soul.  I may need to call upon its after-glow later, to shed light on any darkness the day may bring.

Groovy Girls Go…….With the Light of a Blue Moon


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