Nuts for nut milks!

As I mentioned I have recently given up dairy – but even before this I loved to use nut milks as a dairy alternative. I also (as most people know LOVE my vitamix). I purchase nut milks – my favorites being almond milk, coconut milk (I love so delicious brand) and my recent add a hemp milk with added protein. I recently came across a great article about the different kinds of nut milks, and how to choose the best one for you.

This paragraph especially caught my attention:

“Most of the alternative milks that you can buy at the grocery store are highly processed, and almost all of them, especially flavored versions, have a very high sugar content.  Luckily, many nut milks are easy to make at home.”

I have tried making almond (and other nut) milks in my vitamix – but honestly found the process to be messy and cumbersome, with the presoaking of the nuts and straining the milk through a cheesecloth. Then I read this recipe for raw hemp milk on my friend Najette’s blog and it changed everything! It is so easy to make, doesn’t require straining and I love to mix it with a banana and some vegan protein powder (I love the Vega vanilla protein powder).


Luckily (thanks to Amazon autoship!) I have plenty of  raw hemp hearts!

Luckily (thanks to Amazon autoship!) I have plenty of raw hemp hearts!

When I mention hemp milk…or hemp hearts…or just hemp I often get a raised eyebrow, funny look or comment about a “high”. Sadly 😉 I have this to report:

“Do the seeds contain THC? No. Reputable sellers of the seeds (Nutiva, Manitoba Harvest) test their seeds and hemp oil to make sure they don’t register any THC. Nor can you grow hemp with the seeds. To be sold in the United States, they can no longer be viable.”

Check out this article for some of the benefits of hemp seeds…..they are pretty awesome little guys!


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