Groovy Girls Go………Zoo-Olympics

Who can leap longer than a frog?
Who can run faster than a cheetah?
Who can slither under branches slinking like a snake?

Montana Skye Tulley!  That’s whoo – whoo – whoo

She’s off for a week of Zoo-Olympics and only needs to be asked to get out of bed once.  She’s strategically putting on her “stretchy” pants for optimum movement and just enough warmth.

“Mama, when are we ever going to be there?” Says the kid whom I didn’t even know she knew that string of words?

I’m not sure if its the opportunity to be outside?  Be among some really cool and exotic animals?  Laugh at herself as she’s trying to mimic these exotic movements?  Safely compete against kids she doesn’t know, so there’s no chance for hurt feelings?
Whatever it is, it’s GoOdNeSs.

Montana and her medal-mates learning about the animals

Montana and her medal-mates learning about the animals

I view this goodness, after my own run, from afar, simply smiling.  I sit on a quiet and secluded bench, beneath a shade tree, and watch their tumbles, see their trips, and hear the laughter of these new friends.  I feel fortunate to have this glimpse into my daughter’s play world.  It does me proud to see her try the events, appearing to give it all she’s got.  She also melts my heart when I see her clap for her friends when it’s their turn.  It is a true parenting wish that I have for her that she naturally finds balance between competition and sportsmanship………I’m seeing this dream come true.  I realize I won’t always be her coach, her teacher, her tutor, but it is my job to model, to seek out places and people that support the values and the way of life I hold dear, and put her on those paths.

As I’m writing, I hear a sweet and familiar, “Mama!”  And look up to find my Montana walking the path near me.  My little girl was calling out to me, waving, with as much enthusiasm as I had seen her just put into her “Bear Crawl!”  She Blows me kisses as she passes by, her walk turning into a skip.  Yes, these are the opportunities I give to my daughter because Olympic dreams have to start somewhere………why not at the Zoo?  Why not today?

image (1)

Olympic dreams…….

Groovy Girls Go……..Zoo-Olympic


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