Groovy Girls Go……For The Simple Things that become big!

Running wherever my Tulley Toes take me is made all that much more sweet when my mind also gets to wander wherever it may in the fresh air of Up North, Pure Michigan.  I’m initially reminded of my best Marathon to date, in so many ways, as I stayed up in the same area the night before that race too.  The views brought back an over-whelming sense of gratitude to my family who also came up to “crew” me for that race and who then watch my daughter today as I run.

The Qualifier Marathon was a hard earned goal that was four-years in the making.  Trust me, despite being a minimalist runner, running towards calm and balance, I pick times to bring out the ‘A’ game.  Ill never encourage anyone to try and run faster and further than they’ve ever gone on a 90 degree day.  But if you make that choice, with your family and friends running along, that Third Place Woman (division) and 7th place Overall Woman plaque is all that much more awesome.

image (2)
I’m thankful beyond words for my village and the life I chose to live and raise Montana in.  She’s a lucky little girl who gets to have the best of the culture that a big city has to offer, while playing cowgirl in the summer and growing in confidence as she gets the freedom to go out under the Big Skies of both Montana and Northern, Michigan.

She gets to experience a whole summer of opportunities, that no days in a classroom, would be able to fulfill.  I believe there are many kids who find interests, that then become passions, which then can be life dreams that get lived out during these summer months.

A little swim for some fun today.......maybe tri-athlete tomorrow!

A little swim for some fun today…….maybe tri-athlete tomorrow!

My mind wanders to our family friend Diandra Asbaty who believes in living the life you love.  She’s rolled a bowling ball all over the world because she found a passion and then surrounded herself with those who could support her in making this her life dreams come true.  I want Montana to believe that she can live her dreams too, thus I surround her with strong, determined, and kind people like Diandra.

Check her out yourself!  You’ll be better for it!  Subscribe to her blog as well.  or

Montana Skye Tulley with bowling inspiration Diandra Asbaty

Montana Skye Tulley with bowling inspiration Diandra Asbaty

I ‘billy-goat-bound’ up some hills and slosh through these back muddy roads.  I run with arms stretched wide when the sprinkles start coming down from the hovering clouds.  The rain falls on my face, washing away the sweat, helping me feel more alive than ever.  I may not get paid like some athletes, but I get to live my passion, and share it with the world.

I turn back towards the set up camp site and plan to share one more mile with a friend.  She’s recently found running as a way to accomplish some of her recently set goals.  She’s looking beautiful and feeling great so I break her away from the crowd and taunt her to putting on her shoes.  She is wearing a shirt that says, “I run for me.” How can she possibly say no while wearing a shirt like that?  She was practically begging me to ask her.
She laces up and Montana joins us for the first bit too.  The next thing we know, my sister and her friend Renee (who are some of the greatest family and fans for us) came rolling up in the golf cart behind us chanting, “Team Patty’s Pond!”

With a smile on my face, best memories in my mind, we finish up the run and head back from one adventure, to seek out the next!

Groovy Girls Go………For The Simple Things That Become Our Passions That Become Our Lives


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