Guest Posts! Everyone is Groovy….

When we first decided to start Groovy Girls Go, our generalized mission was to encourage people to get out and moving…whether that is walking, training for a 5k, cycling, triathloning…whatever your moving of choice turns out to be. Kacey particularly wanted to share how she feels that mothers and their kids could work this into their already busy lives. We have dreams bigger than our station of daycare at races and workouts, group runs etc. The idea of the collaborative blog was born to give us a place to share our crazy, and hopefully encouraging stories along the way….it illustrates how we run, bike, swim, Stand Up Paddle and hike, train and race sometimes together, but more often due to logistics apart. It is intended to show you how, although our friends and supporters are all over the country and world, everyone has a story to share. On a more practical level, collaborative blogging takes some of the pressure out of solo blogging. If you solo blog you have to write everything alone – when things get busy or writer’s block hits or (and let’s face it this happens to ALL of us) when your life is not very Groovy your blog does not sit idle!
So, I just wanted to let you all know that if you ever have a thought, stories or adventure that you want to share we are ALWAYS open to guest posts. There is no regular commitment required, just a commitment to sharing your honest thoughts and experiences.
Hopefully from reading this blog you have a decent idea of the kind of things we blog about, but truly nothing is off limits here and we believe that most everything can be tied back in some way to our theme. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch, but know that you always have a place here to share your thoughts with the world (or at least whoever will listen!)

4 thoughts on “Guest Posts! Everyone is Groovy….

  1. I was running with my friend, Martin, and he said he reads and wondered if guys were welcomed??


    I think some of our biggest fans are boys and we’d love to hear from you too.

    Wether your training for the Billings Half, Air Force, Boot Camping, Family Whatevering, or are helping a friend figure out her new bike…..put a moment down on paper and send it!

  2. Here is a little something I wrote about when I first started running:

    In The Dark

    At a time in my life when everything seemed dark, I began running. I had terrible insomnia and somehow it just made sense if I couldn’t sleep to get out and run. I never was athletic, but would exercise off and on. I had actually run a marathon once, but it was years ago. But for whatever reason, I was certain running would help me stop the unraveling of my life. But it wasn’t just running, it was running in the dark.
    Usually the witching hour for me was 4am. I would toss and turn for a bit, then give up on sleep. As quiet as possible, I would pull out my running clothes, trying not to wake my household. I was fairly new at this running stuff, so I layered as much on as I could for the cold Michigan air. I realized pretty quickly, dark could be really dark, and discovered the awesomeness of a headlamp.
    At first, I could only make it out of my neighborhood, about a half a mile. But slowly, patiently, gradually, I was able to run 4 or 5 miles. The magic, though, was the dark. The peaceful dark. The quiet dark. The undemanding dark. Sometimes, I would even close my eyes while running, just for a couple steps to be completely enveloped by the dark. For me, I found the only way to quiet my mind was to have my body in motion. I could see and think about things clearer. And then slowly, patiently, gradually I was able to start healing my life. I needed to be in the dark to see my way out of the darkness in my life.

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