Groovy Girls Go…..camping!

Groovy Girls Go ……. Camping

The summer’s not complete without a trip up North Michigan for Patty’s Pond weekend!  There’s no place more Pure Michigan than this.  It’s four days with my sister’s friends that has me side-splitting- laughing from the moment of arrival to the last tent pole being packed away.

Another mantra I live by is “if there’s fun, family will come.”  And this group of friends is thicker than most families.  Probably just as dysfunctional as most families, but this group would go to the end of the worlds for one another.  I adore people who adore people, so despite the obvious differences between me and them, I love ’em.

The pond is like New York’s Times Square, it’s the center of it all.  It’s like a little village that erupts with families, fans, and fun.   It’s a place where kids get to be kids from sunrise to star-light.  Everyone keeps an eye on everyone and the kids solve most of their own problems.  Their smothered in sunscreen and kisses and then sent off to do what kids do best…..go exploring!

The swimming hole however, is where most all of the camping magic happens.  Sandcastles and buried kids emerge from the little beach that’s been lovingly made for them to play.  Kids take running starts and leap off the floating dock.  Some of the more daring girls cartwheel off to the applause of watchful parents and friends who are relaxing.  The adults take turns driving around each other’s kids on the golf cart searching for Michigan animal life.  And a few of us venture out hiking in the dense woods to see what tracks we can track down!

Tana brought up her pink fishing pole and pink tackle box and found a spot along the pond’s shore.  Her and her Uncle Dave loaded up the line with a sparkly “fake” worm and then let the glitter work its magic.  The fish came a nibbling and my little fisher-girl was smiling from ear to ear.

photo (57)
Every reason why kids, and families, need summer break is highlighted this weekend around the pond. Despite the second day clouds, I look up and around to see friends sitting around visiting, kids hopping after frogs, the paddle boards being used, fires being started, and boats being rowed.  Bigger kids look after the little kids.  Rules for group tag are negotiated.  Treats are split in half and toys are shared graciously.  The hovering clouds are in many ways helpful too.  No one is at risk for sun burns and the opportunity for snuggling is at an all time high!

The smell of a campfire really is one of the simple pleasures in life.  no camp weekend would be complete without the glow of burning embers.  Watching my sister build her signal to other worlds is pretty fun too.  She takes great pride in her inferno masterpiece and somehow I don’t think the s’mores would taste as good roasted any other way.

The day is simple.  The day is relaxed.  The views are vibrant.  Our lungs are filled with fresh air.  The food is delicious.  The laughter is loud and the memories are Pure Michigan.

Groovy Girls Go……Campfire Song Singing


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