Groovy Girls Go…….In Pink Boots Too

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Of course there is great wisdom in running in the right pair of shoes and making sure they don’t acquire too many miles…….
speed work in a great looking pair of boots will do unmeasurable goodness for your training!

They’re calling our names over the ceiling again, Mama.  Does that mean we’re going to miss our flight?
My mama didn’t know, but she did know that we were going to have to run through the airport to our gate……this wasn’t the first time it’s happened to us.

I’m too little, so don’t have to take my shoes off, but the metal on my boots set off the alarm.  fast things do set off alarms.
My boots had to be x-rayed now.  My mama was at the other machine but kept looking at me.  Our names were called again and I could tell she was about to get me fired up for a “race to beat the gate.”
I think that means we’re missing our plane.

I put my boots on and mama asks if I’m “ready ~ set ~ go!”  This was more than just a flat race, this was an obstacle course.

“Come on baby, we’re going to give this our best effort.”

Translation, we’re going to go as fast as our Tulley Toes can.

My Mama doesn’t even put her things back in her bag but slings the bags over each shoulder and we start by running around a number of people.  She tells some people “we’re sorry” and others “excuse us.”  She alternates between apologies and encouragement for me.  She tells me how FaSt I am (I already knew that) how cute I am ( I already knew that), and she tells me I’m her best baby (I’m five, I don’t know why she still says that?)
We bound up the stairs, and around still more people.

This is hard work, but I’ve got friends that need to see me so I must get to Michigan.

We get closer to the gate and Mama tells me I’m almost to the finish line….we can see a line of people so we know this speed work-out has already paid off.

We make the boarding line and It’s our turn, the ticket lady smiles.  She tells me that she LOVES my boots and saw me running.  “It must be really hard running in those boots so fast?” The ticket agent asked.   I told her, “no.”  I run fast in whatever is on my feet.  I think my pink boots actually make me go FaStEr!
My mom tilted her head, looked at me, then looked at the lady and with a smile said, “she is a very FaSt little girl.”

When she put my ticket under the red light she shook her head and then asked for my mom’s ticket.  She flashed red on that one too.
The plane people had already given away our seats, so my age group prize was an extra day of play in the state, “where I am famous all over this world!”

I think that’s very fitting for winning a race in pink cowgirl boots!

The way Montana prefers to wear her cowboy boots!

The way Montana prefers to wear her cowboy boots!

Groovy Girls Go…….Cowgirl FaSt


4 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go…….In Pink Boots Too

  1. Look MT, I refuse to wear pink boots when doing my speed work. I’ve told Judi Ludwig, I’d refuse to wear a tu-tu if I wore her bib in a race. If I’d refuse to wear a tu-tu, I’d certainly also refuse to wear pink boots. Once, and only once, have I let my feet become feminized, but that’s another story.

    • I’m seeing a tu-tu and heels event in our running future RDA100. (would a green and white tutu possibly entice you?)

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