Pretty much a gluten free vegan….who eats meat and fish!

If you had asked me a month ago about “gluten free” diets I would have given you somewhat of a sideways glance, and said something like (I may have actually said this to someone!) “A gluten free cookie is STILL a cookie!” Hey – most people who know me, know not to ask me what I think unless you really want to know WHAT I THINK! 😉 In some ways my views have changed dramatically over the last three weeks, and in some ways they haven’t! So I stand by my statement, that a gluten free cookie is indeed still a cookie and not in fact “health food”….however, having quite literally tripped over a gluten free diet I have changed my perspective on what seemed like somewhat of the latest fad.
Don’t get me wrong – relative cookie nutritional value statements aside – I was aware that some people have a genuine allergy to gluten, I even know some Celiac sufferers and had always had the upmost sympathy for their plight and limited food choices. But, it seemed like everyone thought going “gluten free” meant automatic weight loss and health.
So, how did I trip over a gluten free diet? This part is a little TMI and I have struggled with how to discuss it in “polite” terms. If you are not down with the runners code of discussion of bodily functions, you may want to skip right to the conclusions part 😉

I have talked before about diet and how mine has changed….and had evolved into a flexatarian approach! Then part way through the flying pig marathon training, I started experiencing some running related GI issues…not fun, especially when concern about when the “issue” might strike becomes a dominant part of a training session…group runs are impossible – difficult to explain a sudden need to dive into the bushes! even scheduling a run within the day is tough…I got to the stage where I was doing a pre-run poop loop and passing back by the house on every run…..and even that plan wasn’t fail safe! Something had to be done!

After some research (and rejecting the idea of taking imodium before every run!) I found that some people believed that food sensitivities may be the cause. It appears that food allergy/sensitivity tests are unreliable at best, and the recommended approach is an elimination diet. Worth a try….

So at the end of June I eliminated the prime sensitivity candidates…Gluten, Dairy, Eggs….I had already removed Caffeine and Sweeteners. I included whey protein as part of dairy, and have been trying to limit soy consumption! A LOT of eliminations, huh?!

Coincidentally, it may not have been the smartest move ever to make Day 2 of this elimination diet the day you start a 2 day drive to FL…..the good news is that Ruby Tuesdays, Panera and other restaurants that we often stop at for healthier travel meals, list allergen information for all their menu items….so while Todd drove – I googled and cross correlated allergens! What did you do before smart phones and google and understanding boyfriends (luckily he is well trained from my agonizing about whether shrimp were ocean sourced and whether anyone farms ducks! ) 😉

Anyway…in the face of all these elimination, I have been trying to live by something that Scott Jurek said about his vegan diet – focus on all the nutritious foods you are discovering and adding, not the ones that you are missing out on!

I have to say that previously I never thought I would be able to give up dairy – including my greek yogurt addiction! but somehow doing it wholesale seemed to make it a little easier and I have been enjoying coconut yogurts (love the so delicious brand) as well as hemp milk and of course almond milk.

I have been enjoying So Delicious Coconut yogurts, Raw Revolution Bars, 22 Days bars, Hemp Milk, Gluten Free Oats and my local discovery while in FL – Chunkie Dunkies! Seriously, you can order these online and they make me BETTER than their baked equivalents!

Chunkie Dunkie's Brownies!

Chunkie Dunkie’s Brownies!

So far so good! I am not quite ready, or brave enough! to try adding testing allergens by adding items back in yet…but all in good time!

Have you ever tried an elimination diet? Any favorite Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free foods? Any good poop stories? 😉


5 thoughts on “Pretty much a gluten free vegan….who eats meat and fish!

  1. My issue has always been with the bladder. I could cut a few minutes off my marathon time if I can get this under control. 🙂

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