Groovy Girls Go….Big Sky State Games

As much as I enjoy a solo run and some time with my own thoughts, its fun to be a part of a group run too.  The Montana Big Sky state games allowed me a sunshine filled morning of both running alone, yet amongst runners!

The State Games is a chance for runners from all over the state to converge on a normally lonely field, on a ridge lined road, to begin running together as the sun comes up on a glorious morning.  The day can often get hot by the end of the road run, but the start has almost always been perfect.  It’s a “no-thrills” and lower than low key kind of shot gun start finish.  My favorite runs to do.  I get the best of all running worlds.  I have an event on the books that keeps me motivated when my internal voice would rather stay in bed for extra hours of sleep, or the events of the day would make it easy for me to skip a run.

I also get the chance to be inspired by others who also share the love of running.  It always amazes me, because when we’re all out at crazy hours, we often miss each other, yet each of these people are “getting it in.”  I love looking around the field watching some people stretch, last minute porta-john visits, only a couple do a running warm up mile, and some talking with one another.  I enjoyed seeing the largest running field I’ve ever seen at this event and the the number of younger runners was really fun to see.

I love listening to these kids talk and their naive innocence.  I often think the more we run, the further we get away from this pure spirit of just lacing up and going how the day unfolds.  These kids are no-doubtedly going to run much faster, yet, as it did turn out, I went around three of them in the last three miles of my negative split event, so age did give me some advantage 😉

photo (54)

I’m healing, slowly, but surely, just as I ran this run, slowly but surely.  I’m fortunate enough to have some supportive friends around me who have been able to talk me through “not being fast” and these last months of not even being able to run.  Through their visits I’m at peace and even more thankful of being able to take any steps in my running shoes and I had an even greater appreciation for being a part of this road race.  As I ran along the rushing Yellowstone river on the way out and then able to run the second half with an open view of the Mountains in the distance, I was happy, I was happy, I was happy!

Groovy Girls Go………Happily


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