Groovy Girls Go…..For Inspiration

Sometimes we have to go outside our own thoughts and listen to others in order to grow stronger. I have a mantra with my dear friend Sarah that I use daily, “Know Better, Do Better.” So, I went up to the Montana Big Sky State Games, to run some beautiful miles along the Yellowstone River and the Ridge Line. I think though, more importantly, I came to listen to Meb Keflezighi speak about one of my favorite topics: Never Give Up.

Kacey and Meb

Kacey and Meb

I was lucky enough to spend some time with him one on one because it didn’t really see that too many other people at this time of the opening games knew who he was…..but I did. So, I asked questions, and as much as I love to tell stories, I LISTENED!

Meb lighting torch at the Montana State games

Meb lighting torch at the Montana State games

I’m not the most well read runner around, and I don’t overly follow plans well. What I do do though, is put myself in the way of others who know more and are better than me, and I listen. I know when to zip it, and this was one of those times.

My take-away theme may be as simple as “don’t ever give up.”
I doubt there could be no other when this triumphant man’s back-story is taken into account.

The other message that was loud and clear was to stretch, stretch, stretch. I’ve not been the best about making time for as much stretching as my miles would have dictated, but in the last year I have….and I’m sure I will continue. Know better, do better! Right, Sarah?

I’ve really learned the importance of proper stretching from my Team at Tri-Covery and Flexibility. Steve, in particular, has become so much more than my therapist. He’s as important as any running partner that laces up with me. He listens to not only my stories and my dreams, but to my body and stretches me physically so I can stretch myself personally.

Meb and I also spoke briefly to the topic of running with a watch and just ‘running’. It was refreshing to hear an elite athlete, even in the midst of training, say that not every day needed to be ‘on the watch’. However, he was clear to say that there were days to run on the clock and that it was good to make comparisons when the same course and conditions would allow in order to take notice of growth.

photo (53)

Because I’m not really much of a “run researcher” I prefer the opportunities to watch, and listen to those around me who are better. They don’t always have to be elite, however, I know ‘better’ when I see it.

Always get a photo with your hero if you can....with Hal Higdon.

Always get a photo with your hero if you can….with Hal Higdon.

I appreciate these moments to grow from first hand persons and what they have to share from their training with the best and in fact being some of the best! I’ve had the honor of meeting some great athletes, all, who of which, were more than kind with sharing tips when asked meaningful questions. I’d encourage anyone who may even have an interest in running to pick up a book of an athlete you respect and learn from them. I’ve gotten my love of the ice bath from Paula Radcliffe, the love for marathon training from Hal Higdon, the love of good fast boy chasing hard runs from Deena Kastar, the love of fueling my body better from Scott Jurek, and my love for healing my body through stretching from Tri-Covery and Flexibility.


So, what books have you read that were so inspiring you think the whole world should have a copy? Share?

Groovy Girls Go……To Know Better So We Can Do Better


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