Groovy Girls Go…..until they’re Jumpin All-Stars

Jump Roping is more important than eating healthy food, mama!

 “Really?” My Mama asked.  “Do you know how to jump rope?”

Yes, I’m going to go outside and practice now.  Mr. Kirby showed me one time.

(Mr. Kirby is her gym teacher and she hangs on every word he says.  Once, at about 3 am, she called out to me from her room that she was “dehydrated” and that “simply must have water.”  Ok?  Really?  3am?  I told Mr. Kirby the next day that if Montana was “dehydrated” at 3 am again we were calling him to get her water J )

And so I did.  I went outside in my PJ’s and jumped rope until I could do my tricks.

I run forwards and backwards with my rope.

(I followed Tana outside after I got a cup of coffee, sat down on a chair, and thankful that I did or I may have just fallen over.  My mouth dropped as I saw her jump roping like she’d been born doing it.  She was one foot hopping, two feet hopping, trying backwards, and speed jumping.)

I can run and jump rope all the way down my block.

(I had no idea she could jump rope nevertheless run and jump the entire block.  In fact, I think she runs and jumps faster than she just runs.  Her face is pure determination.)

My mom found a jump rope camp for me to go to.  I had to act five because I am too young.  Mom put down that I was 6 on the form so I could go.

(I figured I had no idea how to teach her and I’d rather do a little white lie than to lose this spirit and excitement towards jump roping ~ or anything quite frankly.  Another healthy activity that gets her outside and now has every kid in our neighborhood in my driveway jumping and trying out “tricks” …. mostly before any of them are out of their PJ’s too

The bigger mistake was when I didn’t indicate that she needed the “licorice” jump rope.  I thought since this was a fund raiser for their Jumpin All Star group that they were pre-selling snacks.  I wasn’t sure that licorice would sustain her through a whole morning of jumping so I figured I would just pack her something a bit more healthy……….not a bad idea really, except that a “licorice” rope is really a special kind of jump rope that she needed to have for the camp.

I bet jumpers don’t know running jargon, I thought humbly to myself as I purchased the rope giggling at myself.)



I learned to criss cross and can do it 5 times. 

Oh I LOVED doing the fake donkey kick trick.  I did a show at the end of camp and did all my tricks.  The whole crowd clapped for me!  I’m a jumping all star now too.

Groovy Girls Go until they can do the tricks.

Montana Skye


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