Groovy Girls Go…..Where The Tulley Toes Take

“Where you running to?” Asked one of my housemates of our Glacier week.
“Wherever my Tulley Toes Take me.” I said as I gave out one last hug and bounded out the door.
The day was a mountain fresh 50 odd degrees and this was going to be all about me.

I stiffly began my light run from the dirt road which ended at our home for the week and took it out to the road?  I really didn’t have any idea where I was going and I surely didn’t think I’d be gone two hours.  Yet, the temperature was perfect, I had another spectacular view of the Hungry Horse mountains and some time alone for me and my run.

I’m settling into my breathing, despite the elevation climbs, a little easier now and crossed over to a side road a little less crowded, which turned out to be the road leading to my next magical moment.

I followed the road out and around for an easy warm up and was dumped right back onto the busy road, but now, there was a bike path I could share.  I took that just thinking this would be another pretty road path run when I saw the turn for Hungry Horse Dam.  One of the beauties of never really knowing exactly where you are, everything you find is a fun surprise.

And so I turned, up the road.  I kept climbing and thought to myself how fun this was going to be to coast down….I looked left and noticed an entrance to a park with a “lost” lake.  Now I guess I don’t know how a lake can get lost when its been  found enough to have its own sign, so of course I went to take a look.  A few turns deeper into the trees when they broke open to a completely glass still, sun reflecting, mist hovering above, first morning lake.  If I ever needs reason to remind myself why I get up a little early to run, this could be it.

There wasn’t another person but there were birds a chirpin’,  fish a swimmin’, and animals a drinkin’. I expected my moment to fade and then begin the run home when I noticed to the left a small opening in the trees that I quickly recognized as a trail head opening!
Right on! To a trail going left which I would find to be a perfect running path with lush forest green goodness on either side circle ing the lake.

Yah for runs that are just for oneself.  Yah for getting up early enough to be alone enough.  And Yah for being awake enough to take the path the universe gifted me with in order to get to the right trail.

Groovy Girls Go Where Their Toes Lead…….Usually Getting To The Right Path!


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