Groovy Girls Go ……. To The Sun

Setting out for a day of play with the 50th birthday party group that came to run, play, and experience Glacier started out just like that playfully.  We all huddled around the breakfast table after a day of travel, coffee, breakfast, prepping lunches, and already laughing too loudly.
The night before we were abruptly awaken by the fire alarm that unexplainable went off….I rushed into the hallway to try and shut it off to only be caught by Rick jumping up and down swatting at the alarm not able to reach it…..come, it was past my bedtime!

The Road to the Sun in Glacier National park is everything you think you should come to Montana to experience.  Without exaggeration, you drive the most beautiful stretch of road that just climbs, switches, tunnels through the mountains, winds next to splashing waterfalls, and plays to each of a person’s senses.

The road had just recently been opened due to snow still covering the drive, which we still saw evidence of, as there were plenty of ice bridges attracting our oooohs and ahhhhs.

photo (46)

It’s a humbling experience driving through such majestic mountains where we were literally driving through billowing clouds.  Looking down to the rushing creek 8,000 feet below us with their white frothing rapids breaking over bolders that had fallen to rest in the cold snow fed streams. It’s three hours of switch backs climbing steadily higher than the tree line until you stop, get out, and are face to face with……the sun.

Looking out to the mountains and glaciers across the cold crisp mountain lake, its hard to find fault with life.  We live on an amazing planet with views where words can hardly explain. It’s exhilarating to get out of your car to have migrating mountain goats be passing by, or get off a boat to have a grizzly bear be blocking our way, or get into a canoe to paddle over to a multi-generational beaver damn, or be literally in the clouds that have billowed into the valley……AmAzInG.

After a day with untoppable views, Mother Nature had one final gift… we drove out of the park having bags full of Magical Moments, we saw the “end of a rainbow” in a wildflower meadow……….

Groovy Girls Go…….to the End of the Rainbow


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