Groovy Girls Go……to the Top of Thunderbolt Mountain

Standing on the top of a mountain 8,000 ft up in the air surrounded by nothing but my gratitude for the moment, boulders, pines, and sky encapsulates every reason why I run.  When I run and have that time to ground myself with the earth and nature, appreciate that I CAN huff and puff, I’m reminded that the ability to move my soles, moves my soul.

Running up a mountain heightens every thought as much as it heightens every step and breathe.  Comparing the journey is, as so many before me have said, comparable to life.  Nothing really worth while is ever easy, trendy, ego based, sponsored, or not rooted it peace.
And, the reward is often nothing that hangs around your neck, but is housed in the memory of the moment.



The trail was very much a blend of many kinds of trail running.  We started in woods, easing into the breathe, lungs adjusting to the freshness being taken in, legs and arms tingling to life as I settled in to a pace. I’ve been struggling for almost a year now and every day I lace up, I think to myself, ‘maybe it’s today that I won’t hurt.’  I’ve humbled myself and given myself permission to miss signed up for races, miss group runs, lag behind, skip speed work, and change running distances as I struggled and tried to heal.  Today was no different as my friends set out on the 50k that I had one point thought I should be doing.  As I began this run I sent good thoughts to them as I passed over steps they had already taken.  I looked down at my laces and I realized I was running, something that not everyone is blessed to do, I smiled at my runner ID tag as I sent good thoughts to some of my best people, I looked up as we crossed from the woods to the meadow and sent good thoughts to my friend who had left me the sweetest good luck note on my bags before I left her house for the run, and as I began the rocky trail that began our climb into the mountain I sent good thoughts to those in my life who are going through rocky times.

photo (45)

My mind drifted from friend, to family, to goals, to the scenery, and to me.  The clarity of the Big Sky, the difficulty of the terrain, the rushing of the mountain stream, jumping logs, smooshing through mud, each step it’s own adventure.  Each mile a new story to tell………..

At the end of the 25k!

At the end of the 25k!

Groovy Girls Go ……
To The Top Of The Mountain, Because When You Come Out On Top, You’ve Come Out On Top.


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