Groovy Girls Go for Magical Moments……

            Running allows for each of us to collect those magical moments that we can pull up when the going gets a little rough.   Now, while I’m out on the farm running in the mornings, before the whirl of the farm day begins, I get a chance to do just that….collect magical moments. 

Now, it’s not everyday you get to look up from the jagged footing to see a piece of a rainbow, but when you do, collect it.  Such miracles are reminder gifts that running itself is a magical moment that needs not be fancy, exotic, or even a new view to collect.   Sometimes it’s just the gift of slowing down enough, getting close enough, breathing steady enough, and knowing the route enough that gives us a chance to really see the route en which the magic lives awaiting discovery.

Beautiful sky and rainbow in the distance....

Beautiful sky and rainbow in the distance….

It’s been going on a year now that I’ve been “injured” and I’ve never needed all of my collected magical moments like I do now.  I reflect on them with such satisfaction and they calm me as well as relight my happy fire within.  And it’s now, that I’m slowly trying to come back, that I’m ever so even more appreciative of my running moments that I’m blessed enough to still be able to collect.

I recall once on a solo 20 miler before an upcoming Marathon that I turned the corner and saw my baby girl in the car seat holding a Gatorade for me with the biggest smile, cheering for me in her 2 year old baby way!

A street vender was playing, probably the most powerful song in my life, from the top of a car , just while I happened to be pushing through the last mile of a marathon in Detroit.  I burst into tears and knew my heavenly friend Justin was smiling down as I came up to crossing that finish line.

I’ve clearly got a thing with turning corners because in my busy life I often don’t see my dearest friends nearly enough;  I’m out for a tough hilly run and low and behold, I turned a corner and my Nettie was calling out to me!  Again, on a tough run, nearing the end when it’s all too easy to walk, yet here she was….and now walking wasn’t even a thought.

A group of friends, who I wasn’t expecting, flew over on their fairy wings to cheer me on to my own Marathon personal best and a most hard earned personal victory.  Fairy Friends don’t let those of us who believe in Fairies walk either.  So, as hard and as hot as it was….I flew on.

I’m particularily fond of running along water and I’ve found some of the most beautiful places on my quest to run along the river.  It’s usually not for very long, nor very fast, but that’s why those views would be magical moments now isn’t it?  Nothing lasts forever, so I breathe in as deeply as I can while I can and that’s how they become a part of my very being and my gifts to myself.

Another Magical Moment wasn’t even while I was running, but in the 13 miles that my father drove out and dropped me off at a town up the road in Montana so I could “run back home” (to Forsyth).  It was an idea I had had about “Never looking further than my own backyard” for my happiness and so I didn’t register for a race, I used the money to travel back home and to just run the race distance on my own.  It was some of the best minutes with my dad, the drive, my own ability to go the distance with no fan-fair, and knowing my family would be my “finish line.”  Simple, but magical.

I’ve found peace and closure to many a problems and situations in my life while out on runs.  Sometimes alone, sometimes with running friends, sometimes talking or even yelling at God.  Regardless, it’s a magical moment when answers are so clear that the situation is all but resolved by just getting out, moving my body, sweating it out a little, and then knowing what it is that needs to be done after the shower (and sometimes even before).

I’ve got a smorgasbord of sunrises, sunsets, frost on lashes, turtles removed from trails, deer nearly running over my sister, snakes blocking the way, change found along the road, phones found and reunited with their owners, and more conversations and laughs than I could ever recount….which leads me to reminding my own self, write down my moments.  Plenty of runners collect race bibs, journal miles, write about how they felt, how they fueled, but for me, when I’m looking back on my career as a runner, I think it’ll be my magical moments that’ll put a smile on my face and a little more “pep-in-my-step.”

Groovy Girls Go for More than Miles, We Go for Those Magical Moments



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    • Why yes, yes it is!!
      I need a running microphone / recording / swass and swoob proof contraption and I’d have a blog-a-run!

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