Groovy Girls Go Fast to First at the Grand Prix Shakedown…….

The Grand Prix Shakedown is an annual 5k on Belle Isle – the week before the Grand Prix.  The Shakedown is supported by the Downtown Runners and Walkers and is a great chance to run around beautiful Belle Isle with your closest friends and also features some awesome prizes which are raffled off to entrants – so you don’t even have to be fast to win! If all that isn’t enough – all proceeds from the event go to help fight homelessness in Detroit through the organization  2-1-1 on the Go!

There may not be a better reason for playing hooky from school and work than to help put on a race for a shelter in the Metro Detroit Area.


Hard at work!

We were one of the first to arrive and while I helped haul water, ice, soda, boxes, and ribbons, Montana batted her long pretty lashes and raced anyone who stopped to tell her how cute she was.

I am taking this race...

I am taking this race…

“You want to see how fast I can run?”  Montana says approaching the one-and-only Doug Kurtis.
The next thing I know I’m the only one putting up the decorations and these two are “off to the races” as they say.  Her little pink Nikes were off and gave new meaning to “pink-blurr!”  She was adorable and Doug was a good sport.  Staying close, yet behind her the little race to the end of the parking lot and back.  She proceeded to do this with Jim, Marcus, Lusire, and I’m sure others I didn’t see once the registration table got busy.

Playing beats racing!

Playing beats racing!

She said initially that she did not want to run and she was off using Marcus as a jungle gym while I worked the registration table.  The minutes ticked by and the race start was beginning to take shape near the table I was working.  Through the crowd I heard a distinct, “Mama, mama……”

Clearly ‘beating’ the infamous Doug Kurtis had put new life into her and as they were calling the line up for the one-mile fun run…..she was “Mama, I’m changing my mind. I do want to run.”

And so she did.



I sent her off with Marcus following close behind, as pictures would have it.  The race meandered for a one mile loop of Belle Island, in Detroit, and this time, Tana was having no part of being nearly last.

“I’m ready to run fast the rest of the way.” Tana said to Marcus about 100 yards from the finish, to which he replied, this is still a long ways until the end.  She turned to Marcus and said, “Not for me.” And off she ran.

Determined, Happy, and the Winner…..

We did then what other classy champions do; cheer on the other participants nearing their finish line with words of encouragement and loud clapping!

Groovy girls play hooky for all the right reasons….


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