Groovy Girls Score Their First Goal ……

“Do you want to know why I’m so happy this morning Ms. Bowman?” 

  “Tell me Montana, why are you so happy?” 

 “I scored my very first goal last night at soccer.  My Auntie Lelly was there and she saw me score my very first goal too.”



I’m playing soccer this year with my friend Hannah.  My momma is a teacher and taught her brother at Lindbom.  My team is the Beetles and we have ‘Beetle Power.” When we play my coach yells for us to ‘beetle attack.’  My momma giggles every time she hears him yell that. 

It’s not funny though, we’re playing tough.



The beetles have won all our games and I practice with my dad a lot too.  I try to remember to center the ball and run to the net if another Beetle has the ball.  Coach also tells me to be a Ball Magnet.

Throw in!

Throw in!

I love to take the side-line kick and also to throw it in.  I do that well.  I get to run a lot, and I’m a good runner.

Groovy Girls Go On a Beetle Attack

Montana Skye


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