Now that we are done talking about 13 seconds….onto the important stuff! ;)

As we told you here we had an awesome run at the Flying Pig Marathon but also a great girls weekend with a few amazing girlfriends. Our friends decided to join us for the weekend to cheer us on, so we decided to make it a girls weekend! We traveled down on Friday night (lets not talk about the screwed up Travelocity booking at Friday nights hotel – not so groovy and I may have been tired and shouted at some people on the phone..) so that our friends could run in the 5k. One of the great things about the flying pig is that it really is a weekend on races – Saturday features the 5k, 10k and kids races and Sunday features the Half Marathon, Marathon and Relay. So we got to be spectators and cheerers on Saturday before hitting the expo.

We arrived in plenty of time to pick up numbers, scope out the course and agree a meeting point at the finish – which turned out to be a smart move based on the number of people running the 5k and the finish line setup following the Boston bombings.

We also had time for a few photo opportunities including this one with a borrowed pig balloon. The fun and atmosphere of this weekend of races was quickly evident.

Before the 5k, by the Reds stadium and hall of fame

Before the 5k, by the Reds stadium and hall of fame

Our spectating plan (we ALWAYS have a plan 😉 ) was to run around and between the course to spectate in as many spots as possible. It pretty much worked out and I think our friends were surprised at how often we kept popping up like teleporting spectators!


Kacey was an expert spotter and race photo taker – no easy task with a large field!

This one could be straight from the pages of runners world! ;)

This one could be straight from the pages of runners world! 😉

After the race we checked into our hotel, grabbed dinner sitting outside a nice cafe and then hit the expo. The expo was large with lots of free samples, put we were pretty much in and out…..make that in, quick lap around the vendors, pick up numbers, shirts and awesome soft sided coolers (apparently they always offer some kind of extra swag and Kacey was pretty excited about this one!), free race posters, activate timing chips, go hit the booths we wanted to purchase at and then out! That is our expo strategy!

For dinner on Saturday night I had made reservations at Primavista – an italian restaurant in the incline district with great views of the city. The view and the food did not disappoint and all the tables were set up to have a great view. Our waitress was even kind enough to take a photo for us!

primavista view


primavista dinner


After the race on Sunday we also had a plan – we did not really have a plan for getting back to the hotel in the pouring rain – except keep walking in the direction of the bridge! But we DID have a plan for an afternoon of massages, facials and pedicures at Sia Spa where we invaded their relaxation room for the afternoon and they gave us perfect 1st class treatment. Massages with dolphin sounds – I had kind of forgotten that those kind of massages even EXISTED, and we even got a great dinner recommendation from a fellow client.

My toes...I really should have taken a "before" photo, but let's just say it was a HUGE improvement!

My toes…I really should have taken a “before” photo, but let’s just say it was a HUGE improvement!


Since it was Cinco de Mayo we went with the nice lady’s restaurant recommendation and tried to snag a table at Nada. There was a short wait but they managed to get us in without a reservation, so we passed the time drinking Margaritas in the bar. Marathon, Spa and Margaritas…not sure I can come up with a better plan than that!


A great weekend, ended perfectly with amazing food and we were joined for dinner by our fellow marathoning friends Ron and Katie. So there was plenty of race reliving as the margaritas continued to flow!

A pretty groovy weekend in my opinion and the perfect end to a tough training cycle and tough marathon!



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