Just one week to go!

I can’t believe there is just 1 week before the flying pig marathon!

I am hoping to bring you some “race prep” posts this week….

But first I have to share with you a funny story and some signs from the running gods….

Yesterday was designated as the last “long run” on the program – although it was only 9.5 miles so shorter than some of my track workouts! Anyway, I was happy that the temperature was a little warmer about 65 degrees at “run time” so I got to try out some new shorts that I had hoped might become favorites. As we have lamented before the weather through this training has been so horrible, that I hadn’t really considered a race day outfit for nice weather! Well, the shorts didn’t make the cut – sad, but glad that I didn’t try them out on race day. The first rule of running: Never try anything new on race day!

Some of my runs lately have been what Kacey would tactfully call “pooperific”, in fact I have sometimes taken to incorporating a warm up “poop  loop” prior to heading out for the rest of the run – just to be on the safe side! Anyway – all this can leave you a little nervous as you get further from home/public restroom opportunities. So during this long run I was just starting to think that maybe I could use a bathroom, when I came around the corner and there – as if a gift from the running gods – was a porta-potty for the road workmen. So I jumped in. I was just thanking my lucky stars and noting the newspapers that had been left, when I heard a loud engine pull up outside….followed by a beeping. Hmmm, surely they were not about to pick up said porta-potty???? Surely there was some protocol to check that no-one is inside a portapotty before picking it up??? Surely!!!!

I tentatively opened the door, to find a large bucket digger backing up right by the porta-potty!  The workman smiled at me as I exited so I waved and jogged off smiling to myself about the vision of me being carried away in the porta-potty!

Around the next corner was a water fountain, at a playscape in the park, since spring has only just sprung I didn’t think it would have been turned on – it wasn’t last weekend – but to my surprise when I pushed the button water appeared!

So, all in all, I am thinking that is two good signs from the running gods! 🙂



One thought on “Just one week to go!

  1. That is sooooo funny! What would you have done on finding yourself in mid-air in mid-poop?
    Thanks for the parcel of goodies. Will try out the ice and compress socks tomorrow. Love the jacket.
    XXX Mum

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