We just love them for who they are….

Just a quick post – cos I have to get out and run in a gap in the Thunderstorms – to share a recurring thought since the Boston Marathon bombings.

We have some pretty crazy running friends – let’s face it many runners are a little strange and we are all brought to running for different reasons. Some of us are aware of our quirks, others may or may not be…and it is easy to judge and shake your head and say “can you believe he/she said/did that?” but the other thing about our little running community, however crazy we all are, is that we are pretty much there for each other no questions asked. We listen to each other vent about work and relationships during runs, we share our running plans, dreams and goals and we lift each other up. We believe in each other. We track each other and hold our breath for each other.

The stories coming out of Boston of runners taking care of each other are emerging, they are heart warming but not surprising. You see there is an unspoken camaraderie between runners, even when they don’t know each other yet. As we make laps or see the same runners Saturday after Saturday on our long runs we smile and wave or nod, in acknowledgement that we are all in this together, even as we are all on our own journey, at our own pace. There is an unspoken bond of pain and perseverance  of the understanding of the joy and accomplishment of running.

So instead of wondering why people have these quirks or do certain things we just love them for who they are, unquestioningly, quirks and all.

Here is an article and video that I wanted to share from the Downtown Runners weekly run, where everyone gathered to run and help to heal those members who were so close to the finish line at the time of the explosions.



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