How quickly it can all change….

Just this morning I sent Kacey a message to say how strange it felt not to be “tracking” her at the Boston Marathon. Waiting with my breath held, a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as I wish her strength and courage to take on the challenge of Boston.

Later she shared her love of the Boston Marathon with her students – what an amazing experience for them to watch the live feed with someone who has run this prestigious race!

Sharing the love of the Boston Marathon

Sharing the love of the Boston Marathon

After the elite runners were finished, during my lunch break I tracked our friends along the route. Again sending them strength to hold it together through the 25k…30k…35k…40k splits.

Tracking our friends who were running

Tracking our friends who were running

And then suddenly mid-afternoon I received a message from a friend which started with “I’m hoping you are not running the Boston Marathon today.” My initial thought was why would you hope that, of course I which I was in Boston right now. I wish I had a Boston Qualifier time under my belt. I then continued reading “You were the first one I thought of when the breaking news came across the TV about the explosions at the finish line…” Explosions. Finish Line. What?

How could something that should be so celebratory, the achievements of runners who have qualified for, raised money for, trained for and run the Boston Marathon turn into such a tragic scene? Something that could frankly only be described as a war zone.

Well the logical answer is that it can happen anywhere, and is more likely in any place that large groups of people congregate. The emotional answer is that this feels like an attack on the sport that we love, and in particular those who support us as we pursue our crazy goals and dreams. Family members, Children and Friends.

What has followed has been an outpouring of love and support from so many places. Friends reaching out to ask if we were in Boston – checking on our safety, Stories of local residents offering stranded runners, many of who were unable to finish after the course was closed, warm food and drinks and messages of love and support for all involved and affected.

I hope that in some way those runners who worked so hard in training and running today, can be proud of their hard work and achievements and not let this be taken from them. We will continue to pursue our goals and dreams and treat everyone we meet as friends that we have not yet got to know. As Kacey would say “let’s be love.”




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