A super long run…..ready to fly?

I have tried not to bore you with too many stories of our marathon training runs….but we have just 1 month to go before the Flying Pig….things are getting serious!

Ever since we decided to run this marathon, it seems like every runner that we mention it to has stories of hills and raised eyebrows. So while trying to use these stories as motivation to be even prouder of this particular marathon, we have obviously been trying to incorporate some hillier routes into our long runs.


Flying Pig Course

This last weekend was our longest long run…the plan called for 3h 30mins of running. So Kacey planned out a route around the back roads with some early climbing and rolling hills…and what d’you know – we ran 23.75 miles in 3h 30mins and climbed 603 feet along the way.

Training run elevation

3h 30min Training run elevation

Just for fun…or maybe confidence…here are a few other training run elevation profiles.

3hr 18 230

The theme of these long runs…apart from the hills has been the weather…ice, fresh snow, blizzards…and this long than long run did not dissapoint with a brief hail shower at my 10. The thoughts that went through my head were first “Really? It’s april” shortly followed by “I guess we are not talking about this – just like we don’t talk about rain!”

So, we are officially ready for anything that the road can through at us on race day! Trained and Ready to fly!



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