Groovy Girls Go After The Colored Eggs

Everyone knows that the colored eggs are the valuable ones and Tana caught on quickly this Easter season.  She even went out shopping and picked herself out some not only pink-a-rific looking shoes but ones that allowed her to go “smokin’ fast” for her Egg~Stravaganza and one mile run……..

“Montana, there is a one mile run after the Easter Egg Hunt, do you want to sign up to run it?”
“Will the Easter Bunny run it too?”
“Probably” was the only answer I could think of.  Looking back it seems like a foolish answer, but in the moment the thought of young kids running alongside the bunny in beautiful pastel colors, carrying baskets of sparkling eggs with big white brim hats was just too Norman Rockwell to say no to.”
The day was a bit gloomy and Tana was once again bundled up in her big, purple, winter coat.  She’s definitely not getting spoiled with ideal conditions which I think will serve her well in the running long run.
Nevertheless, she didn’t complain and first item of business was getting as many plastic eggs as she could.
(I’m thinking at this point we could even make Katherine proud as it would seem this “egg hunt” is merely a diversion tactic to get the runners to warm up properly.
The parameters were established and off the kids went “hunting” for their candy-filled eggs!

After this carb load / warm up, was when the fun really began.  She toed the line with untied shoes, which wasn’t a part of the plan so dad had to step in for some last minute gear adjusting.
(I plan to use this shoe untied tactic to light a fire in her learning how to shoe tie desire….we’re not going to be at every starting line; and if you can’t even start the race you’ll never know how well you could have done!

The starting line of any race is an exciting place and it’s no different for kids.  Luckily race directors don’t seem to get caught up on the details of all racers starting at the same time, and the video is inconclusive, but I would say her start time, chip time, and gun time, may all be different?!?!  #justsayin

Tension at the start line....

Tension at the start line….check out those shoes!

And just as every starting line is exciting, every finish line is exciting as fans cheer on every finisher as if it they were their own!  Pacing would appear to be every young runners nemesis and Montana is no exception.  She tore out of the starting corral faster than my 5k pace and burned out way before the 18 mile “wall.”

Sprinting in the early stages of the race....we have all been here!

Sprinting in the early stages of the race….we have all been here!

The perspective of just how far a mile is has never been more apparent than when running with a child.  They feel all that we do in our distance races, just squished down into one.  They get thirsty, feel like they can’t go on, find a way, beg to be carried, make deals to run to the next tree before walking, negotiate with God (aka Moma), smile through the tears, and eventually get to the finish line…..we could all find more patience with our running selves and buddies by “pacing” a child.  Quite frankly, there’s very little difference and seeing the magic, excitement, determination, and sheer joy of a child crossing that finish line is a little slice of runner heaven, with a smile from ear to ear.

Not only the Easter bunny but giant chicks too!

Not only the Easter bunny but giant chicks too!

So, just like adults, but with a kid twist:
“Can I have my candy now?”

Run for Colored Eggs, Run for Candy, Run Because It Puts a Smile on Your Face, or Just Run Groovy


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