Want to be on our team?

This Sunday, after getting up early (even earlier with the time change!) to get our run in, we volunteered as part of the Downtown Runners and Walkers group to marshall at the Corktown St Patrick’s Day 5k race. We were prescribed a location at Michigan Ave and 3rd, and after Starbucks, parking and picking up our marshalling equipment…which of course included a Megaphone!….we started to walk down Michigan Ave from the start area. Well, we kept running into people we knew, and there may have been some misuse of the Megaphone in leading a certain section of the crowd in some Happy Birthday singing…but luckily we had time and made it to our destination.
First we met our friend and fellow downtown runner Sean by the volunteer tent

First we met our friend and fellow downtown runner Sean by the volunteer tent

Then Kacey met a friend and shared a sign....

Then Kacey met a friend and shared a sign….

And we always meet or make friends by the port-johns!

And we always meet or make friends by the port-johns!

We were right after a water station which split the course so that the runners were running out on one side of the road and back on the other. Our main purpose in life was to keep each group on their “own” side of the road and avoid any collisions! Since we had a megaphone we obviously knew that our secondary job was to deliver words of enthusiasm and encouragement to the runners and Kacey even brought a glittery sign along for just that purpose!

Mixed in with our “keep to the lefts” were cheerful remarks about peoples outfits, pace, dogs, first person with a double stroller etc. The addition of the wave starts really helped to aid congestion and we didn’t even have any collisions! The leader of the race was from the freshly renamed Running Lab of Brighton, MI and I shouted to him as he warmed up that I loved his shiny shirt. As the race was winding down he ran by us during his cool down and I told him I wanted his shirt, he said that they may sell them, I then finished with “maybe we could be on your team!”…..to which he said (now almost half a mile down the road)….”….possibly…” Possibly?! How awesome was that!
After we were done with our duties we made our way back to the start, and returned our megaphone – which I wore out and it had no battery left! – bought some delicious Marinated Avocado Tacos from a food truck and made our way to the volunteers beer area. I, of course, took every opportunity in conversation to tell people that the shiny Running Lab guy had said we could possible, maybe, probably be on his team – and every time Marcus laughed at me and said that he thought the guy was probably just being polite, playing for time, in shock etc. Hmmmmm.
The truth is we are not really fast enough to be on someone’s team – these guys (including our awesome friend Matt who I megaphoned that we loved as he ran by….he later said that he thought I was being sarcastic!) rock out 5 minute miles and make it look like a stroll in the park. But, we also believe that everyone should get to be on someone’s team. So….do you want to be on our team? Obviously it is a team based on desire and dedication more than raw speed….but we think that sometimes those things are more important.
Let’s start with the bad news…..Here’s what we can’t give you:
  • Free race entries
  • Shoes
  • Travel/accommodation expenses
  • Pretty much anything that costs money! Maybe someday….
But……Here’s what we can give you:
  • Team spirit and camaraderie
  • A name to write in that “Team” space on the entry form
  • A forum to share your goals, dreams and stories
  • An opportunity to sport “GroovyGirlsGo.com” apparel at cost – once it exists!
  • All of our love and smiles!
So, who’s in?
p.s. we may not be able to run 3 x 5 min miles but we can run 20+ 8 ish minute miles, and sometimes even in a blizzard!

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