The Truth about Love

You may have noticed a lack of blog posts early last week…no apologies since we were out having fun and making memories with out Groovy Girls Go outing and then learning The Truth about Love. No, this post isn’t about a bad date….but the Pink concert named after her latest album.


Wow. Was that awesome. First of all we like the music….many a run have been completed to the lyrics of “Try” or any of her other slightly “angrier” songs. Second of all she is RIPPED. Apparently after working with Jillian Michaels and Jeanette Jenkins (both of whom I incidently follow on twitter…I wonder if you can get the abs that way 😉 )


And lastly, and definitely not leastly, she uses those abs to pull off some amazing Aerial performances with bungees, silk and harness contraptions.

images (1)

Here is her Grammy performance of Glitter in the Rain at the 2010 Grammy’s

…just to give you a taste of the amazingness!



Clearly Liz was worried about keeping everyone hydrated with that flask..

Anyone in for a Groovy Girls Go outing to the Detroit Flyhouse for Aerial yoga? 😉


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