Groovy Girls Go outing…

This Monday was our first ever Groovy Girls Go group outing, and we picked the Detroit Endurance Lab for some cycling fun! We wanted it to be “something for everyone” so asked the owner, and coach Landall if he could start out with a warmup on the bikes to get everyone comfortable and give some coaching on shifting (just for Kacey!), cadence, power output and strategy. He did a great job and it really helped everyone to feel like pros! Then we had a little racing action. To add to the competitive spirit, we had a little prize purse stuffed with all kinds of goodies from lip gloss to coconut water! Truly something for everyone! Also in the purse was a little face and body glitter, which Montana decided was magic and should be sprinkled on everyone’s heads to make them go faster…..even the boys! Montana was doing her own racing in the hallway outside the studio and challenging…wait maybe informing…. individuals that it was their turn to race her from a fluid starting point (read whenever she was ahead) to an undisclosed finish line (read whenever she was ahead!)


Warm up group number 1…Kristen and I may have done some not so secret racing! 😉


Warmup group #2


Getting ready for the first round of RACING!

At just a mile the qualifying rounds went by quickly, and before we knew it we had our final line up! Landall did a little handicapping for the final, with staggered start times. There was much cheering during the final, especially from Liz who wanted her son Joey to win the purse for “his Momma” on her birthday! He was victorious and Liz was thrilled with her birthday prize!


The FINAL! Laying it on the line for the grand prize!

The evening was completed with some snacks and drinks – groovy girl style and much talk of how fun this was. Landall may still be finding glitter on his bikes…in his hallway…but we do like to leave our mark! And if he will have us back, we can’t wait to do it again!


Hugs for Cara Jo

Other notes: – Marcus was prepared and brought his own shorts this time – Cara Jo announced that she is moving to Colorado for a new job. We are so excited for her, but we will miss her smiling face!


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