Realizations during a speed work session….

Sometimes I have some of my deepest musings while running, I like to think it is the meditative state that is induced but it could also be the oxygen deprivation! ūüėČ

Last week a speed session was on the plan…the day started with Kacey sending me a text asking “what am I supposed to be doing?” which roughly translates to I think I remember a hard workout and I am ready to jump back into the plan! So I told her to brace herself and get a pencil out! I sent her the prescription and she said something like “wow, that’s a lot of numbers! I’ll put the phone on the treadmill!”. I was headed outside so set up my Garmin and scribbled the paces on a piece of paper for my pocket, figuring I would pull it out during the rest intervals to see what my next pace was supposed to be! The workout was tough but I survived….some of it went to plan other parts not so much but you learn as much mentally from those parts as you do physically from the paces that you nail! Somewhere in there, as I passed the crew digging up the road for the third time, get progressively faster (and I am sure looking more and more desperate each time…) I had a couple of¬†realizations.

Firstly – the importance of an Athlete’s mindset. Whatever you are doing – think like an athlete in training. Whether you are just starting out, exercising to be healthy or training to race it is so powerful to consider yourself to be an athlete in training. Athletes don’t make excuses or negotiate on their training saying that they are too busy or can only manage this or that. They dedicate and lay it all out there. They respect the time, energy and patience required and they prioritize and put the work in.

Secondly – all roads lead to Rome. As I worked through my speed session, I realized this was a lot like chasing fast boys. The only difference was these were set intervals and paces. The environment was more controlled, but the effect was the same. So pick your poison, train however works for you. So sometimes Kacey jumps into my orderly world of prescribed intervals with times and paces and¬†warm ups¬†and¬†warm downs¬†(actually she rarely hangs in for the entire¬†warm down¬†unless I make it so she has to run it to get back to the starting point…..I’m not as dumb as I look! ) and sometimes I jump into her world of getting dropped by fast girls and boys. This is probably good for both of us….but all roads lead to Rome.

So, after 7 miles of warmup and speed work…three laps of the neighborhood past the guys digging the road (they have been working on this one hole for about 3 weeks for some reason, not sure what that is about!) I limped home slowly, feeling like a slightly wounded animal but knowing that I had trained like an athlete and given everything I could to this prescribed workout….just one of many to prepare me for the races to come.


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