Groovy Girls Go……….

Katherine said that sometimes it just takes one person to believe in you and you can do or finish a goal you may have not thought you could.  Sometimes it’s at mile 18 when a marathon is reaching levels of hard you didn’t know existed and each person has to dig deep and find some reason to not pull off to the side of the course and hale a taxi.

It’s no secret that Katherine and I end up in some silly predicaments.  I think sometimes these predicaments know when we’re going out and have a radar on us.  This winter hasn’t been a tough one, but it seems every time we can coordinate our schedules to get a run in together the Gods of Winter want to blast us…..I think they’re testing us to see if we can run the run as well as we blog the blog.

So, this last week it’s been a tough run week as well as a high mileage week.  Despite not necessarily following every work-out of the plan I know enough to know that Katherine’s coach is a talented runner and if we do want to get better, stronger, faster, following her plan isn’t probably a bad way to go.  And so, I gut out a lot of these runs on the tred mill in a desperate effort to keep up with Katherine and to get the week’s runs in so that when I can get out into the vitamin D I can enjoy those runs as well.

I’ve been struggling with, quite frankly, an excruciating pain in the a$$ and so an opportunity to “bike fast” on Tuesday instead of run fast seemed like a great way to quality cross train on a day that proved to be CoLd outside.  It also gave me a chance to visit the Detroit Endurance Lab again before our Groovy Girl Private Event night.  The bike was great.  The company was great.   The intensity was fun, but high and I “spun my little legs” to a quality work-out.

In a high mileage week I can get kind of crabby until the runs are in.  So much can go wrong and we’re under such an illusion that if you don’t get it all in, you’re not going to succeed.  I’m here to tell you, false!  My plans changed so many times for my weekend long runs that at one point things were falling through and changing so, that I just put on headphones and did 10 on the tred.
When I finally got my daughter happily dropped off at a scheduled play date and I was on the road to my final weekend long run I was at peace.  I was meeting Katherine to do some hilly miles and the weather wasn’t nearly the blizzards we have been running in lately together so I was optimistic for a good chat with a good friend while on a good run.  I’ve never really done back-to-back-to-back hard runs and I’m thankful that I had someone else to be accountable to, or a second 8.5 mile loop probably wouldn’t have gotten done.  It was Oscar night by the way and there was champagne a chillin’.  But, I did have someone to keep me going when we saw our cars and though we both verbalized is was going to be tough, neither even considered not.  Because, at the end of the day that’s what we do, we keep going.  We do run the run as well as we blog the blog all the while being human with plans subject to change.  Simply, Groovy Girls Go……..


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