Little Groovy Girls Bring Friends Over for Insane Playdates

My Mama, almost always, can make a play date happen.  She’s a teacher at my school.
I also watch my mama do insanity with her teacher friends and I cheer them on.  My Auntie Lelly taught me to say, “put some pep in your step.”  This makes everyone laugh.
My Auntie also yells at my mama, ” Someone, somewhere is working harder than you and is going to beat you.”
My mama yells back, “No. They. Won’t.”  Usually huffing and puffing.

I told Santa that we needed 2 insanities for Christmas this year:
1 adult
1 kids
and he delivered!



I wanted my friend Ali to do Kid’s Insanity with me so my mom worked it out for her to come over.  I changed into stretchy pants and a tank that looks fashionable and work-out.
My mom got water for us and bananas.
Sometimes I get tired and need a rest.  But, we don’t quit.  We have a saying in our house, ” Team Tulley never gives up, never quits.”

My Mama does it with us.  We all clap, laugh, and Go InSaNe.
Ali’s Dad comes to get her, but she says she wants to come to my house again.  I get sad when I see my friends go but Mama says this will give us a chance to “hydrate” our bodies with dinner.

We do peaks and valleys at dinner.  I don’t have a valley.
Doing kids insanity with my friend is my peak!
~ Montana Skye

photo (26)


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