Groovy Girls Go Up, and Down, Up, and Down………

Some of my funnest Facebook posts are those where I proclaim to “love me some hills”. Or “I heart hills” or “Bring on the Hills” or “Heartbreak Hill Won’t Break Me.”  The ‘likes’ and comments are the virtual fuel that fires me up the entire work-out, or even up the entire hill.  I’m the kind of person that once I say I’m going to do something I usually find a way to get it done.  This has taught me to be careful of what I commit to, because we all know where too many yes’s can lead!

But, truth be told, I do love hills.  I’ve been blessed with strong little legs that somehow let me power up when most people are powering down.  I remember running one of the hilliest trails in the Detroit area on Saturdays with friends and a few would want to stop or walk up the hill…….I wouldn’t have dreamed of it, I find another gear and just get up.  I don’t mind waiting for people at the top, but I won’t wait until I’ve gotten to the top.

Running the hills was one of my diciest moves as I ran my way to a Woman’s Overall first place finish at an Ultra on the same Poto Hills where I first found my ability to bound!  My dear friend Chuck, who was also the reason I was running a 50, urged me, strongly encouraged, begged me to walk the hills of the 50………well, I wanted to listen to him, but the group of lead boys was within view the entire first lap and as long as I shuffle-ran up the hills I could keep them in sight.  And so I did.

50 Miles at Woodstock, 1st Female finisher

50 Miles at Woodstock, 1st Female finisher

There probably isn’t a hill repeat work-out that I do where the memory of that race doesn’t flood back onto me.  It’s probably my athletically greatest accomplishment.   I set out to run that race hard and the fact the I truly needed help getting undressed and dressed at the end will always remind me of what it feels like to “leave it all out on the course.”  I always say, thus with a smile, if you don’t puke, cry, or come back muddy, you probably didn’t run hard enough and should do it again.  And so I run hills hard, knowing it’ll AlWaYs pay off!




Getting help with that undressing thing…

And so I continue the hill repeats.  Up, and Down, Up, and Down……..lungs burning, legs grinding it out, mind finding a happy place, because truth be told, I may like passing boys, but I ReALlY like passing boys going up hills!

Groovy Girls Go Up, and Down,
Up, and Down,
but Never Stop Unless We’re Up,


4 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go Up, and Down, Up, and Down………

  1. HIlls have been hard for me – I am going to start believing it is just a mental thing and start hitting them hard! Thanks for the motivation!

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