Getting started… advice!

I am so filled with enthusiasm from all of you starting out with our beginning running plan. I created a facebook group here for anyone who is following along to join, encourage each other and ask any questions.

So week one is about getting moving and getting used to working out 6 days per week.

Other important things as you get started:

Shoes ~

These are the #1 thing to purchase as a runner. Running shoes are specific and different from regular workout shoes offering more support and specific cushioning. It is important to get fitted for shoes at a good running store where they will watch you walk and run and assess which kind of shoe (stability, neutral/cushioned etc.) is best for you based on your biomechanics. They will then have you try some different brands to see which feels best – this is just preference and also related to your foot shape etc. Running shoes are expensive, and you can often find cheaper deals online, but if these running stores weren’t there it would be impossible to ever try and compare shoes……I am all about a bargain but just something to think about. Locally we like and have bought shoes from Running FitHansonsTotal Runner and Tortoise and Hare.

On a side note I was THRILLED to receive these two pictures this week. I love getting pictures of peoples new running shoes!

2013-02-09951595309503 IMG950116





Socks ~

These are personal preference but important for cushioning and preventing blisters. Try some different kinds. Some of my favorites are these pearl izumi socks and these thorlo socks.

Clothing in general ~

This takes trial and error and is personal preference. You have to try things out to make sure that they don’t bunch, slip or rub. If you are running outside there is a rule of thumb to dress like it is 20 degrees warmer but you aren’t going to be moving (our friends at Run this Race blogged about it here.) If you are still run/walking you should probably make that more like 10 degrees since you aren’t generating as much heat when you are walking. Also if it is windy take that into account, I like to make sure I have a windbreaker or waterproof layer in there to stop the wind…it makes a BIG difference.

Watch ~

To follow this plan you will obviously need some kind of stopwatch. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Many runners use GPS devices…they are fun, they let you keep track of pace and distance but not at all neccesary. If you are interested in distance there are phone apps like Map my run (although my poor phone cannot take another DROP of sweat!) or you can use something like google maps pedometer to measure a route.

Hope that helps…..

One last thought..without getting all Jillian Michaels on you (although she is my favorites check out her free podcasts on itunes or Tune in Radio) Have you been here before? Starting out on an exercise regime? Take a moment to think about what happened and how you dealt with obstacles along the way. If there is one thing we can be sure of it is that there will be obstacles, challenges to be overcome. By taking time now to think about how we will deal with them without letting them defeat us we can set ourselves up for success no matter what. Meditate on that while you are running, make a quick note of your WHY for starting this journey, so when you have a bad day or a bad run you can look at that why….written in your own hand and remind yourself that it is just one step at a time.

“And then one day I ran because I was a runner.” Scott Jurek – Eat and Run

Proud of all you groovy girls (and boys) in training, as always let us know if you have any questions!



4 thoughts on “Getting started… advice!

  1. Wool socks have saved my toes during winter! (smartwool) I use endomondo on my phone for my runs, it will keep a log of all your runs for you, as well as track your pace, how far you’ve gone, etc. It’s a free download and you can pick other activities beside running. I just bought my first pair of compression calf sleeves so we will see how those work.

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