Groovy Girls Go Out for a Hoot

Now, this may not have been much of a run…..but this is surely what I mean by going out for an adventure with twists only the Tullz can add.  Let me start by saying at one point in this evening I was without any car keys, trekking in the dark, star-lit woods covered in newly fallen snow from a storm named after one of our favorite cartoons, carrying my five-year-old who had ‘poked my eye out’.
In said ‘Nemo’ cartoon there is a character who sing-songs, ‘”just keep swimmin’ – just keep swimmin'” which is now incessantly playing in my head (I keep switching out the verb for trekking, snowing, owl-ing etc)……….it gets better.

I was probably being warned by the Universe to stay home on this Friday that was deemed a ‘Snow Day’ when I was pulling out from getting a coffee and my phone / GPS flashed only 20% life left.  I didn’t realize this meant me too.
Montana and I were bundled, driving into the woods, to a location which I could never find on my own.  Charger didn’t work so I was at the mercy of the GPS not draining too much before I could get driving in the right directions where I could memorize any remaining directions to the Nature Center, in the hopes that when inevitably the battery dies, we wouldn’t be stranded.

Ok, so we all know I get us there or this story would surely be anti-climatic; we get in, find our friends, find our seats, bundle up, and follow our guide out to begin a silent quest for hoots in the woods.  I find it incredibly ironic that as we near Valentines Day we also near Owl mating season, thus making them very active, and more likely for us to hear and see them.   Montana is thankful that, despite her earlier tearful and loud anti snowpants terms, I had brought her snow clothes and Warner’s.  She thanks me and tells me, “Mama you were right about the warm clothes.”
Ok, anyone else find the irony in me having no battery so there could be no audio recording made of that declaration…..of course not……
And so out ‘Owl-ing’ we go.
Now here is where our evening does take on an air of enchantment.  The Winter Snowstorm has cleared and made way to a diamond studded night sky.  The twinkly ultimately made it impossible to be anything but calm, because oh that view.  I know I’ve shared about being from Montana and the night sky is one of the attractions that keeps my heart tied to that state.  Looking up to the black, backdrop, to twinkly bits of heaven shining down, is one of life’s simple pleasures.  I could have at any time just laid down on my back and let the glittery twinkles bathe me in their magic.

I didn’t however, because about a quarter mile into this trek my darling daughter whispers, cutting this peace like a jack-hammer, that her feet are ‘exhausted’ and simply can’t go on.”  Ok? Really?  What did she want me to do at this point carry her?  Uhhhh huh!  “Uppy” are the next words out her mouth.  I look down at her snow covered face (yes, snow-covered, because just like at her race she has been scooping up mittens full of snow and gobbling it like its scoops of ice cream.  She’s adorable and I say yes.  So, for the remainder of this owl hike I’m carrying her. )

The guide treks us deep into the woods.  Our eyes adjust to the starlit night and for these silent moments all is right with the world.  My daughter in my arms giving me ‘kisses on the cheek for energy’, (a shameless trick I’ve brainwashed her with),  owls hooting in the distance, brand-new snow reflecting like icy diamonds…..I have my thoughts of hope, and just like in my marathons, I’m lifting those I love up in silent prayer.  I’m at peace.

And so I’ve discovered yet another magical, and Groovy, way to get outside during these Winter moths……Groovy Girls Go With Their Mama Owl-ing.



One thought on “Groovy Girls Go Out for a Hoot

  1. What a great moment in so many ways. I like that kisses give energy and that snow is the beverage of choice. More than that as a mom I am guessing you understand the gift of your time in Shari g your love of so many outings with your beautiful daughter. You are a memory maker. Quality time is priceless.

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