We always wave to our fans and when we earn a trophy we alert the media!

Montana had a little help with forming the paragraphs – apparently they don’t cover those in kindergarten…but all quotes are her own! 😉

I knew the day would come when Montana Skye would want to lace up and toe the line at a race.  She’s, in many ways, already paid her dues.  She’s been Jostled out of warm beds at ridiculous hours, had sign making duties,  jogging strollering, race destinations disguised as vacations, and so the list goes on.
Nevertheless, she secretly works in her room at tieing her “run fasters” that our Auntie Nettie bought her so that when the moment was right she wouldn’t be left tripping over her laces….nothing will stand in this girl’s way.

My five-year-old daughter is already a Groovy Girl with some seriously funky fashion sense.  She is often the reason why I can’t run, yet so much of the reason why I must run.
My poor kid was through her first trimester of life before I even knew I was going to have a Montana.  I had signed up for a Marathon, training goal set:  I was going to qualify for Boston.  I knew the time I was planning to cut from my last, and first, marathon run was a bit extreme, but I’ve really not done too much in life at a small scale. ( I moved at age 19 from a small town in Eastern Montana to Detroit.
Enough said. )
My training was picking up, I was following a training plan to the split of the second, and I was bound and determined to get FaSt.  This ironically is when Katherine came into my life.  We had a mutual friend and were training for the Climb the Ren Cen in Detroit for the American Lung Association and we would meet and carpool downtown to run up and down stairs.  I knew I really liked her when we “snuck” in to the Renn Cenn to try and Climb those stairs for training practice, got one climb up done, and then were “caught” by the security.  The entire journey of then being “escorted” out of the building was actually spent trying to negotiate why we should be able to climb, if even just one more time!  😉  this girl didn’t take “no” for an answer…..it was friend at first climb!

And so my baby grew, Katherine trained for the marathon that shall not be mentioned, and I ran said race 5 1/2 months pregnant and have the t shirt  to prove it.

So, Montana has been a runner since before she’s been a baby!  (She’s also been a snob beer drinker (but I’m sure I’m not suppose to blog about that).  So I may not have known I was pregnant, but I sure did know I was ThIrStY.  If I could have put my head in one of the Great Lakes and not come up until it was dry I probably would have!  So, I do remember drinking, or should I say guzzling, an Oberon after a run one night while devouring a pizza with my neighbor.  He just thought I was a pig.  I thought I was just hungry and thirsty from all the hard miles.  Montana was just trying to grow.  Perspective!)

All of this then leads us to her first starting line…..I’ve been asked to pass trophies out to the kids on the New Year’s Eve run sponsored by the Detroit Runners and Walkers and so I say yes…if….my Montana can run the kid’s race?!  The race director and I shake and New Years plans are set.  (Once again a race disguised……..bawhahahahahah,)

It’s going to be a cold, blustery, possibly not fun, one mile fun run for the kids, yet I can’t talk my daughter into her awesome purple Nike outfit from her Aunti Lelly.  She insists on a tutu style dress, glittery tights, her sparkly and light-up shoes……I insist on her coat, hat, and gloves (at least they’re all purple).  This is our compromise, as well as my friend, Marcus, who I’ve solicited to follow her along the one mile race route.

She’s now at the starting line, decked out, looking purplicious, and AdOrAbLe.  She also looks small and like she’s going to be trampled by the more seriously clothed and looking kids lining up behind her.  I think to myself, “at least if she gets trampled at the start  I’ll see her and be able to help”…..always a silver lining!

Ready to RACE.....in a warm purple coat!

Ready to RACE…..in a warm purple coat!

I do the mommy thing, I snap some pictures, I text some friends, I smile, and give her the thumbs up!  I didn’t quite think her first race was going to be a mile, but she does get a trophy, and I’ve secretly put aside a purple one thinking this is what she’ll want.
The crowd and excitement mount….the crowd grows…..the temperature drops…..my nerves heighten……and the gun sounds, she’s off.
I’m Right and wrong all at the same time.  The crowd does take off, every kid out for themselves, however, she doesn’t fall and it won’t be until the mile is up that I will see her again.

Running...this may be better than any of our race photos EVER turn out! ;)

Running…this may be better than any of our race photos EVER turn out! 😉

As much as I’d love to report that she crossed the line first, sweat glistening her cheeks, barely out of breathe, looking like the next Kara, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  She does have a look of triumph, mixed with exhaustion, as I see her the last 50 yards come running into my arms as she crosses the finish line to get her, uhhhh wait…..Marcus rushes past us in a burst of energy swiping  what I think is going to be her coveted purple trophy only to crash the awards table desperately searching for a blue trophy trying to get back to me before tears.  (Apparently she shared with him along the race route, while stopping because she was thirsty to take a drink of ‘snow’ that she was wanting a blue trophy as apparently in the last 24 hours this was her new favorite color!  Kids!)

With the BLUE trophy...tears averted!

With the BLUE trophy…tears averted!

So, my little Goovey Girl crossed the finish line, not dehydrated (apparently she pulled over at one point to ‘drink some snow’), bow-less at this point, but tu-tu still a tootin’, and burst into smile at receiving a blue trophy.  The news was there and later all the kids were rallied to help tell the story of how they were getting the New Year started off in a healthy way!  She barely lets go of her coveted trophy, I’ve even caught her sleeping with it (visions of races dance in her head).  It’s hard to know if she really loved the run…..but she loved being on tv, and she loves her trophy.

No really.....she sleeps with the trophy!

No really…..she sleeps with the trophy!

Every Runner Has A First Run Story……..What’s Yours????

Kacey and Montana


5 thoughts on “We always wave to our fans and when we earn a trophy we alert the media!

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  3. My first run story— kicking Judi Ludwig’s (f/k/a Nadolski) arse in the 2008 Livonia Spree 5k wearing cross-trainers and being untrained in running. The joke was on me though, as she took the medal for 1st Place Overall for Women, and I got nothing! What the Heck!!

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