The only question Katherine and I had was whether or not to take her new Yaks out of the sealed box before we started what was to become our next something!

Again this is Kacey’s post….but I will be popping in with my 2 cents here and there ‘cos we all know that the best stories are shared stories and I just can’t help interjecting! ūüėČ Katherine

No one can really “plan” an adventure as the simple act of planning makes it a plan that has been executed, not an adventure. ¬†An adventure, I think, begins with that first step a person is brave enough to make off the initially determined path.

The “plan” as in training plan clearly stated that 2.5 hrs should be run on Sunday, but Sunday was designated for a school field trip to see the Gruffalo in Lansing and Saturday was another fab Girl Develop it class so in the interest of a shared long run, and making Sunday a get everything done “chores day” we opted for a long run on Friday evening. We opted for this despite the forecast for 2-4 inches of snow and the limited post work daylight hours…but we will get to that in due course I am sure!

So...strangely we have no photos from this nighttime run around the lake in a blizzard...but since it is pivotal to this story these are the Yaks which we strapped onto our running shoes

So…strangely we have no photos from this nighttime run around the lake in a blizzard…but since it is pivotal to this story these are the Yaks which we strapped onto our running shoes

We decided just our shoes for the first go around Kensington (a state park that is an 8 + mile loop around a natural lake). ¬†The snow had begun falling, and blowing, and falling, but we hadn’t been on the path yet, so we opted for the yak-less shoes without too much yakking and off we ran. ¬†Katherine was the wiser of us (so I’m pretty sure you can get where this story is going) and at least brought her shoe light. ¬†I, coming off my chase of the wolf last week, was hoping to run by the light of the full moon. ¬†(Well, yah, the full moon was last week and if it’s snowing, it’s probably cloud covered……hindsight ūüėČ So off we go by the light of one shoe. ¬†I didn’t really even think to go out any other way until our last mile when we literally ran into the only other “soles” we had seen in the past 3 hours. ¬†They looked like a small city running towards us. ¬†(And it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the only other people out running in a blizzard, around a lake, on a Friday night, were friends of ours. ¬†Out to celebrate one of the group’s birthday. ¬†We know AwEsOmE people! ¬† ūüėČ

And guess what they read our blog!…..yay, someone is reading this! ūüėČ in fact it was quiet a pickup after 3 hrs of blizzard running….10 miles yakless and 8 miles with yaks to be famous or at least infamous with these fabulous group of headlight wearing super runners….that was until I had to start running again after stopping to chat, stopping after 3 hrs of running in snow is probably not the best plan for future reference!

Our run was suppose to be 2.5 hours and I was desperate to create a hilly route that would keep us as close to that as runnerly possible. ¬†Under normal circumstances I may have succeeded. ¬†I neglected to factor in un- shoveled paths, dark, snow consistently falling, wind blowing the snow that was consistently falling, and hills. ¬†Katherine probably did, but trusted me……..oooooops!

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful night. ¬†The snow was falling delicately around us in big fluffy flakes, frosting the trees and branches like something you’d see on a card. ¬†It was a great temperature for a long run and for as much as I talk with Katherine, we still had so much to catch up about.

Katherine is probably one of the kindest and most generous people I have been blessed with in my life.  She gives, remembers much, gives more, acts considerately, gives even more, includes everyone, gives A LOT, and is loyal to a fault.  We have literally come from, and grown up, in complete different parts of the world, yet the winds of life have blown us to each other and much like the big bundled snowflakes falling together, we now live life a bit together.  So we run, and fun, run-fun, fun, run, and find a way to make time to play together, and live life together.

The run became too long.  The snow eventually became too much.  The yaks got put on by the dashboard lights.  We slipped, we twisted, we had no idea where the path was, we told stories that made us laugh, Katherine listened to my story that made us cry, we made plans, modified plans, all the while executing our plan.

I don’t know if this can technically be considered an adventure because we got weather updates, of the sure to arrive snow, on our smart-phones, on the eights. ¬†We both were appropriately dressed. ¬†Neither of us even considered calling it off. ¬†It was what you do when we high fived each other, while I stripped naked, getting those sopping wet clothes off, in the abandoned parking lot, for having earned bad.-a$$ runner points. ¬†Sooooooooo, adventure or just planned and executed run, we ran, and it turned out to be a story worth telling.

Run Too Much, Run When No One Else Is, Run Together, Run Frozen, Run Groovey

Oh but you nearly forgot the BEST part! How can we not share our post run dinner story??? So cold and damp and maybe with frozen eyeballs we piled into our respective cars in search of warmth and¬†sustenance. I really had no idea where this would be found but somehow ended up leading the caravan of two, even though I really couldn’t see much with my frozen eyeballs through the salty windshield. We headed for Zoup but when the door was locked and the lights were out we opted for the Outback next door. As we walked in and the server politely asked “How many?” and I made my bee-line for the bathroom to change. Kacey looked down and said “you still have your Yaks on!” and I looked down and realized she was right. I indeed had driven in Yaks and was now walking through Outback in Yaks…..and was leaving a wet Yak trail behind me! Really….you can’t take me ANYWHERE. ūüėȬ†


2 thoughts on “The only question Katherine and I had was whether or not to take her new Yaks out of the sealed box before we started what was to become our next something!

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  2. Your stories are so full of fun, determination, sharing, gratitude and cross generations. If you ever need a sponsor let me know. Keep blogging. Would be very interested in a blog for new runners. Luann

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