Do what you can, when you can, where you can……just do… a doer. (Period)

Yes, I meant to add the period because I don’t believe it should be a discussion.  Just do whatever it is that speaks to your “soles.”

Clearly Katherine and I are choosing to share our stories.  Mostly because our stories end up being so funny that we crack our own selves up and usually anyone we end up telling.  So, now we tell the world and I crack my own self up when I write, and hope you crack a smile, crack a laugh, but most of all “crack open” whatever “door” you have available to be true to your “soles.”

I discontinued my daily mile membership after my one and only run report which was “poop-rific”.  Any distance runner knows exactly what kind of run that was, however there was no button to push for, “I had the worst run around my block I’ve ever had in my life.”
So, I do what I almost never do, I quit.
I quit that run and I quit daily mile.
I didn’t want to have to constantly be judging, be judged, or judge others……I just want to run.

I’ve been lucky to say that I’ve really run my whole life so I know enough, to know that runs come in all shapes and sizes, just like runners.  I’m glad that there is daily mile for those who need that affirmation of their run in order to run again.  Facebook offers a fun venue for boasting of adventures and sharing picture memories.    I laughed OUT LOUD at a couple of posts regarding people only running so they could post on fb. (I personally love following friends who post failures and set-backs as much as their successes myself.  A good “poop-rific” story can be quite inspiring I find.)  I know runners who do well when they are accountable to others for a group run and that by putting the next group run on their calendar will surely get them out the door.  Others sign up for races and follow a schedule to the nano-second (uhm-hmm my darling Katherine!)  Others spend their winter in the gym running on the “warm-mill” while continuing to have to make time to shave legs in shorts.

Quite frankly, it’s the banter, and the virtual “one-upping” that I’ve been reading recently that got me thinking and blogging as I watch, past the view of my “warm-mill” the snow fill in the tracks from my last outdoor run nearly a week ago.  My life has gone through quite the changes in the last year and I’m a mom to a five-year-old.  She knows my running routes almost as we’ll as I do and has a love hate relationship with our jogging stroller.

Yes, she knows that she is cute! ;)

Yes, she knows that she is cute! 😉

Sometimes we run, sometimes we walk!

Sometimes we run, sometimes we walk, but we ALWAYS wave to our fans!

However, winter months find me inside more often than I care to admit, and I may prefer getting faster by chasing FaSt boys, but my second favorite speed work-out is, “how many miles can I get in during one episode of my daughter’s favorite cartoon?”  (You’d be surprised!)

If I’ve learned anything along my running routes of life, it is that life is one challenge and adventure after another.  Running and trying new activities is what I chose to sprinkle on the top of my daily difficulties to make it a life I love and worth getting up for everyday.  I like that I have what it takes to bundle up and run when it’s below zero, I like that I have what it takes to gut out those dred-mill miles while my baby-girl sleeps soundly in her warm bed.  I’m blessed to have a friend who will meet me after the sun goes down to put in a long one when I can get a sitter.  I adore my village who keeps an eye on her when we’re together so I can sneak in a few miles at random times.  I guess what I’m getting at is:  do what you can, when you can, where you can.

Sneaking it in, when I can, however I can!

Sneaking it in, when I can, however I can!

Life is hard runners, and sometimes getting runs in is hard.   Lets be supportive to this community in which we belong.  I don’t pretend to know every runner, or even like every runner……but regardless, we are all RuNnErS and instead of trying to one up each other or make people in our runner village feel they have to defend how they get their run in, lets just help each other tie their shoes and get out their own “door.”

Run Outside, Run Inside, Run with Friends, Run a Race, Run Groovy…….just Run and be nice to other RuNnErS



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