Why winter running in Michigan earns you some serious BADDA$$ points….

So….I may have been spoiled by the first two weeks of my marathon training in Florida…but this week I got seriously unspoiled in a hurry! Yeah, it got pretty cold.


Yes…that feels like -15F…on this particular day I decided that I had found my threshold and took to the treadmill. Interesting fact, who knew that the gym treadmill has a maximum time limit of 60 minutes? Normal people don’t run for 70 mins on the treadmill????

However the other days I went for it outside, choosing cold air over treadmill monotony. Today with windchill it was 0F when I headed out, so I guess my “threshold” is north of feels like -15F and south of feels like 0F! I headed out with some trepidation….a few texts to Kacey asking whose idea this was anyway? and agreeing that winter training is a bitch! I double gloved, because my fingers were pretty cold on sunday but my fingers were still numb within 10 minutes – gotta dig out my water/windproof over mittens….but I made it, I survived, I completed my speedwork just about at target pace despite the 1/4″ of fresh snow and earned some serious bada$$ points along the way!

So, the last few days have been exceptionally cold – I think they used the words “dangerously cold” on the news – but in general I quite enjoy colder weather running. When you live in Michigan you spend most of the winter months bundled up in sweaters, coats, hats, scarves and gloves. While winter running requires layers it does not require as many layers as winter life around here! You also get some serious respect when you mention at a friends birthday lunch that you ran 14 miles this morning, when everyone else didn’t even want to walk from their cars to the restaurant – when secretly you were warmer while you were running than they were walking! Finally, in the spirit of earning serious bada$$ points you get to talk about all the things which froze while you were running – currently on the list – eyelashes, sweaty earwarmers, sunglasses, waterbottles, snot…the list is almost endless!

So, run smart and safe, and just think how strong we will be once the spring arrives!



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