If we were a lululemon bag…..

I just updated our “about” page which got me thinking about our “groovy girls” sayings and philosophies – you know like the lululemon bags.


On a side note: Getting my photo on the wall at my local Lululemon store is one of my not so secret long term ambitions! What more could they be looking for I am entertaining, well rounded with modelling experience and I even wear their clothes already! 😉 Anyway, just putting that out there to the universe! 😉

So here are some of the mantras/philosophies/common sayings that make up our manifesto.

  • It’s what we do
  • Love people
  • Give all you can
  • Get on the train or get run over by it
  • Best till better
  • Do the work, get the results
  • #tweetwhatyoueat
  • Use your big words
  • Never give up

What are some of your sayings or mantras?



2 thoughts on “If we were a lululemon bag…..

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