Food for thought…..

I thought you might be interested in how I’ve been fueling for training. I have made some recent changes to my diet to incorporate more “pure” protein sources for muscle recovery, a long time vegetarian as I tried to increase my protein intake I found that it was almost impossible to get towards an equal ratio (by weight) of protein and carbs without turning into an egg white!
Traditionally runners have focused on carbohydrates for readily available energy sources – carb loading before races – while weight lifters/body builders have focused more on protein for muscle recovery and repair. It strikes me that as runners although we need energy sources for those long runs, we are also trying to build leg and core muscles during training, especially as we increase our mileage and have to make sure that our bodies can adequately repair those muscles which we are using day after day. Protein is also toted as more satiating than carbohydrates, which is helpful when my increased training load makes me constantly STARVING!
So, while I still maintain many of my feelings about the fair treatment of animals I have adopted a more of a “flexitarian” approach to my diet. Adding wild caught fish and even some organic free range turkey to increase my protein intake.  Last week I even had some free range duck – after confirming that it was highly improbably that ducks were farmed….although did you know that some shrimp are farmed in ponds? I totally had Todd look that up on his phone while we were at Ruby Tuesdays – I think he was just worried I might start interrogating the poor waitress. 😉
I have some favorite meals that I repeat but often #tweetwhatyoueat – after listening to  Bob Harper’s book – The skinny rules. Follow my twitter @katiejanemaria for some fun meal ideas and #tweetwhatyoueat.
2012-12-06_12-46-47_923 2012-12-02_14-09-16_538 2012-11-29_19-37-46_987 2012-11-28_19-26-34_424 2012-11-23_12-51-43_946 2012-11-06_08-38-04_904 2012-10-04_18-47-51_798
Some of my #tweetwhatyoueat meals!
In the interest of full disclosure (and before Kacey’s sister Kelly chimes in!) I have been known to eat half of one of these Pizzas at Supino’s – the best pizza ever! I am a sucker for any desserts and have a weakness for milky ways – but I try to save these for special occasions…Tuesday Night run club counts as a special occasion, right? 😉 and balance is important!

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