Hip and butt strengthening!

As I mentioned in my post about gait analysis I have been working on hip girdle and glute strengthening exercises to try to counter my right hip drop. I had previously read many posts about ITB tightness/pain/syndrome that recommend strengthening but thought I would share the link to the actual regimen that was recommended to me. That is the Myrtl routine, and below is a video detailing how to do the individual exercises.

I am not yet doing all of the exercises because some of them seemed to exacerbate my ITB due to lack of hip flexibility, so we are working on that seperately. I do some of them using Therabands. I am also including lateral and monster walks using the Theraband – I know it looks goofy especially in a regular gym!

Plus lunges on an unstable platform, squats using the Theraband to concentrate on not letting my knees collapse, and a bunch of core exercises – particularly concentrating on engaging the transverse abdominis (lower abs). It is quite a routine and quite a sight at the gym I am sure!

I have been foam rolling regularly before and after running which really seems to be helping as well – this past two weeks while we were in Cocoa Beach I used the local gym and had an older client ask me what I was training for, and tell me that he didn’t know what that thing I was doing was (the foam rolling) but it upset him to watch my wrists and I must be double jointed or something! Ha. I sure hope he doesn’t report back to the Running Institute on my technique since I am pretty sure Tim told me to make sure I kept my hands forward to avoid that…whoops!

So far everything seems to be helping, and I have been running pain free and not feeling any tightness in my left ITB, but those lunges and squats sure leave you with dead legs for running the next day. I guess that means they are working!

Do you incorporate strength and core training into your regular gym routine? Ever have strangers come up to you and “critique” you in the gym?! lol


One thought on “Hip and butt strengthening!

  1. The exercises look like they would really strengthen and increase flexibility in all the hip areas. Do you find it difficult to keep your “form” while doing them? Is there a mirror wall in the gym that helps with feedback? The monster walk looks like some skating would also strengthen those muscles – I would go into cramp in about 2 seconds!
    What were you doing with the foam roller and your double jointed wrists!?
    I have had strangers critique my drawing skills in the street….. Blinkin’ cheek!

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