Gait analysis

Upon the suggestion of my massage therapist I recently went for a video gait analysis at The Running Institute in Ann Arbor. I had been experiencing some ITB tightness in my left leg during marathon training and we were struggling to figure out the cause. I had never been videoed running before so I was pretty excited to see what I looked like!

And the videos almost speak for themselves….

This side view showed some general form issues which I will slowly work to correct.

This rear view – he had me run in a shorter top so that you could clearly see the belt line in the video – shows a clear right hip drop that in my mind is the culprit for that left side ITB tightness. It also shows a poor choice of capris – I think these need to be retired since they clearly don’t do my rear view any favors! lol

Tim at The Running Institute also had me do some squats and single leg step downs which revealed general glute/hip girdle weakness. I am hopeful that by working on glute and hip strengthening I will be able to resolve this hip drop. Megan is going to add some drills into marathon training to address this too.

So overall I am excited. If I was able to run Chicago with this form imagine how much easier I can make it all on myself with some added strength and minor progressive (nothing quick here since I am concerned about compensation injuries) form changes!

Have you ever had a gait analysis or been videoed running? How about specific non-running strengthening?



5 thoughts on “Gait analysis

  1. That is so interesting to see your gait in slow motion. Are you sure that your belt line was horizontal to start with? I hope the glute strengthening is going well and it would be great to see videos “after” in due course…and the new capris of course!!

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  4. Curious how your ITBS is now? Did the gait analysis help you resolve it? I’ve been struggling with ITBS for about 1-2 months now. I took 3 wks off and just started running again with a Pro-tec IT strap. Feels okay during my runs but the tenderness returns when the band comes off. I’m using the foam roller quite a bit. I am considering having an analysis done by Clint Verran in Rochester or at the Running Institute but I’d hate to walk in blind. Do you still think its a good idea?

    • Hi Carrie
      Yes – I don’t have any ITB issues anymore and have completed 2 more marathon training cycles. I attribute this to the strengthening exercises, the analysis (and watching the video) made it obvious to my (engineering 😉 ) brain what was causing the ITB pain on the one side. My only reservation with gait analysis is the feeling that whoever is performing often wants to “retrain” your mechanics – midfoot strike, high turnover etc. Through my experience I have formed a personal opinion that there is some individual preference involved and that if any change to stride is made it should be longer term via drills. I guess what I am trying to say is it is a good tool just be aware of being “sold” on changing your entire running “technique” when some simple strengthening may resolve your issues.
      Good Luck and keep us posted on how you get on! I know how annoying and painful ITBS can be!

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