When pigs fly!

I’ll run another marathon, “when pigs fly.”  And of course, as predictable as the cliche, Katherine went and found pigs that can fly…..and so it begins.

I’ve gotten the most information about this race from a woman, in a woman’s bathroom, after running club, while changing out of winter wet running clothes….did she think I would easily scare?  Clearly the humor of the situation, along with the toughness of just keeping up with some of the fastest “boy” runners I know, while trekking the streets of Detroit, eluded said information giver.

Through her story of self-promoting her own Flying Pig marathon triumph, I heard:
Toughest hills
Winter training
Harder than Boston
Tough training (yes again)
Winter training

And then what I REALLY heard:
This lady has no idea who Katherine is.

And so it begins.  My winter of not training for Boston and “hibernating” has been abruptly shaken awake and the first box to be unpacked from my un-had winter slumber was the one simply labeled, “Kacey Winter Running.”

Apparently I’ve got a “determined look in my eye” when talking about shaking off the cobwebs and if we’re going to do this thing,  we’re going to do it right.  Shaving off 10 minutes from our previous Chicago Marathon debut break-out was clearly just that, the beginning of personal goals for a greater cause.  In addition to running again only when “pigs can fly” I had also decided to run “races” for core causes and life themes I stand for:  my friend Katherine (enough said), for my daughter to see a mama who doesn’t quit, the health of my parents, my friend Sarah and our unlikely perfect partnership, our friend Marcus and his own uphill race, my sister who has become my hero that I’ve never told, our unlikely friend Brian who really is living the change he wants to see in the world, and to give me a path, that isn’t a path, so I never take for granted this gift that is my present.  Each step we take forward and up is because we can….




4 thoughts on “When pigs fly!

  1. Hi Kacey – Love your philosophy! I’ve run three times this year ( adds ” already” since it’s only the first week of the year…) and I am slow, out of breath, pretty shuffly and certainly no model of good running from. But I am doing it – I’m running 3 or 4 miles over the muddy fields or round the undulating lanes – because I can. Because my friend had a stroke and is partially paralysed and will never walk again, because three friends have been affected by brain tumours and because I want to keep my body as fit as I can to enjoy the next 10 years of my life to the max. So keep posting to inspire me with my 11 minute miles!

  2. Add to the list “lonely” apparently “everyone” peels off for the half. Should leave plenty of open road for us to rock out! I love it when people give me even more motivation to succeed!

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