A little piece of paradise…..

Sunset Paddleboarding at Sobe Surf Resort

Right now we are hanging out (and have been since Christmas) at Sobe Surf Resort in Cocoa Beach, FL. Away from the snowstorms and cold weather and conveniently sandwiched between the intercoastal river and the Ocean…..decisions, decisions!

Lots of time for paddling (sorry that I don’t have more photos but I am too afraid of drowning my phone!), walking the beach – flip flop blisters are a big problem here! and just plain old relaxing and doing all the things that you never have time for in “normal life”.

Yesterday I had the most awesome encounter with a dolphin in the river, it is similar to an experience I had last year with a manatee but dolphins are my personal favorite. So I was paddling along on a small board – over a foot shorter than my “normal” board, working on my balance and paddling skills, when all of a sudden a hear a splosh behind me and everything got super rocky! I look to see a dolphin rolling under my board showing me its belly! WOW. Somehow I stayed upright otherwise I would have landed on top of the dolphin in a Seaworld style move! The dolphin then made a turn between our two boards and the water was so crystal clear that you could see it perfectly. So beautiful – I NEVER grow tired of paddling with Dolphins and Stingrays and Manatee…..but especially Dolphins! I so which I had captured it on film (I was ready to hop in the car and go buy a GoPro immediately!) but the image is embedded in my mind forever.

The great weather has also provided the opportunity for the start of marathon training with Megan Lizotte’s training plan for The Flying Pig Marathon. Ugh – the first week of training is a real wake up for these legs and the times aren’t fast by any stretch of the imagination but I know that they will get faster as the training effect kicks in and everything gets stronger (or at least that is what I am telling myself as I grind it out!)

Have you started your spring marathon training yet? How about stand up paddling – we love it! – if you haven’t given it a go…you really should!


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