A Mega Turkey Day

When the door is locked, but they know you’re coming, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on behind closed doors….

Since the Mama came in from across the Atlantic I wasn’t ReALlY expecting to see the boyfriend in his undies: and yet should I really expect anything less than a truly Randall and Tulley start to a day that had begun at 4:30 am?

Clearly, we weren’t ready to leave for a morning in the D ….which made no sense to me because I knew awaiting us were parade style MeGaPhOnEs; come on, I mean ReALlY, someone was willingly going to give us scriptless Megaphones and the household wasn’t already in the car??? UNBELIEVABLE!!

Patiently I found my way to the comfy chair, spooned in to the homemade peanut butter, and watched the colorful clothes unfold onto bodies around me. Mama in the kitchen, Todd in his undies, Katherine in Kika, and I in the comfy chair ( I wondered if we had misread the calendar). Luckily the uncharged Garmin was located rather quickly and we were off to discover our overly encouraging voices coral runners and herd them to the corner of Woodward and Congress .



Much to the opposite of our cheery, please move your soon to be running bums outside, runners literally refused to leave the staging area. I reloaded my weather app because there was no way this many runners would be huddling inside when the temp was pushing the mid 50’s; but they were. Cheery teetered on pushy and then pushy turned to shove as Katherine and I moved our bodies and our voices towards the center as the clock saw race start time and then the sequential minutes that followed while runners remained inside. At one point a group of “referees” were verbally charged with stalling. The throwing of their yellow flags in my general direction was no match for my megaphone style police sirens followed by “it’s run time.”
After sharing the way to late registration, packet pick-up, start times, directions to Woodward (which can be seen from Cobo) the last call was made.
“If you don’t want to die of thirst you have to leave, and go run so we can get to passing out the finish line waters.” Took down the ladders and made our way to job next.

Now, if people thought it was a good idea to give us the bull horn those in the know knew the next best was us and jobs with our running besties! So, to them we go (and no, we didn’t turn in the bull horn! Come on……..)




2 thoughts on “A Mega Turkey Day

  1. Just reading this brought that great day right back to me! The way the runners had no urgency to get to the start line – with 10 mins to go, with 5 mins to go, with 1 minute TO GO!! And handing out 20,000 bottles of water with a cheery Well Done or Good Job to each and every finisher. Groovy Girls on megaphones – what a combination!
    Love Ya!

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