Welcome. Getting to the point!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a perfect day to write the first “official” post for this little blog that has existed in my head for a while.

This will be a collaborative blog with posts written by different “groovy girls”, sharing with you our adventures and a few of the crazy stories that we pick up along the way! Some of our expeditions are solo and some are together – those tend to be the ones where we laugh the most and end up with the best stories! So what makes a “groovy girl”? We believe it is our attitude. We try to live life “full on”, embrace challenges as opportunities, support each other and build others up. We feel that our stories are too good NOT to share with the world and hope that you will laugh with (and sometimes maybe at us!) along the way! We are thankful to have each other on Thanksgiving and every other day!

You will meet each of the groovy girls as they write their posts – we mostly live around Detroit, MI but originate from and adventure all over the world!

We are celebrating our Thanksgiving by giving back a little to the Detroit running community. We often run with the Downtown Runners and Walkers – a fabulous group of diverse runners who all truly believe in the revitalization and support of Detroit – and many of the members are key to the organization of the annual Detroit Turkey Trot. Many runners do not realize that these kind of races are not possible without countless hours of volunteer time, so we told Doug Kurtis – our friend and the race director – that we would do whatever he needed. We had a fun morning – using megaphones to let the runners know where and when the start was, answer questions (through the megaphones of course!) and encourage the runners to leave the shelter of Cobo Hall and go run! We then joined our fellow Downtown Runners at the finish line water station and gave out water to the 22,000 runners…..so you know that we didn’t just hand out water…there were plenty instances of “water, ice cold beer, peanuts” and “hydrate or die” to be heard and Ken Davenport’s favorite “Water…..pay at the end of the line!” Things got a little rammed with finishers in a hurry….water bottles were literally flying and I SINCERELY apologies to the guy who took a bottle to the side of the head – I never claimed to have a good throwing arm! OOOOOOooops. Anyway I won’t give too much away because Kacey has promised to write a post about our morning of fun!

Todd ran the Turkey Trot – and despite “not being a runner” – had a great time and fun run! After the water station work was finished we headed up to watch the parade since my Mum was in town for her first American Thanksgiving and our friend Mike was making his annual appearance as a trampolining monkey on the “Monkeys on the Bed” float. There may or may not have been some Bailey’s in Hot Chocolate action…… when you’ve been up since 5, said “The race starts at Woodward and Congress, that is about a ten minute walk” a million times and given out eleven thousand bottles of water…..it is acceptable to start drinking at 9am! lol.


Parade time!

Mike on the Monkey on the Bed float with other former U of M gymnasts

Mike on the Monkey on the Bed float with other former U of M gymnasts


After the parade and a wander back through downtown we ran into Doug and co. for an informal post race, post volunteer party debriefing. We then headed to our friend Bec’s house for a delicious healthy Thanksgiving dinner – and the best part was all I had to do was bring the drinks – oh dear….a theme here! 😉

Pre dinner socializing chez Bec

Pre dinner socializing chez Bec with Mum and Todd


Delicious Healthy Thanksgiving feast….clearly I was onto Beer by dinner time! 😉

Family, Friends, Running, Giving Back – The perfect way to spend Thanksgiving!

~ Katherine



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